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Needs a life

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Bloody hell, small world! Dave? PM'ing you
Still got that T-Shirt, but it's regulated for decorating now
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Our Amiga Shop is still around.

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There was 1 shop near me call Superiorland Computers, they carried about 10 Amiga game titles, all Psygnosis. So, I had to mail order, mainly from Sideline Software (somewhere in Florida) and used stuff from Bare Bones software. Sideline Software was great cause it carried all all the Euro Mags (The One, Amiga Format, CU Amiga), which I got every month.
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My favorite shop was home and business in oldham. it is now a wine bar, a closed down and derelict wine bar. It had everything All the way from Acorn Electron (including spares) up to PC/ AMIGAS and all the consoles of the time.
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Mine was quite small and impersonal, but had that nice "radioshacky" feel to it and stood usually packed. Unfortunately I didn't get to buy much from them since they wouldn't sell the kind of software I wanted, plus the only Amiga hardware I normally considered were stock models and floppies, seldom ever a partial upgrade or peripheral (special mention to Deluxe Sound, what a beast!)

Still, last time I walked into it (back in 2003), it had changed almost completely. New owners, new deco and no computery stuff whatsoever, only LG widescreens, various DVD players and the usual video-audio stuff
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Here in the US you could get any Commodore/Atari/PC games and business software at Software, Etc. which was across the street from a very large mall. Software Etc. got purchased in 1996 and ended up as Gamestop and these days sells mostly console games.

I still have some Amiga games (purchased by others) that have the original recipet in the box from Software etc.
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I used to frequent RJ Computers, Downend, Bristol, a couple of times a month during the 1990's.

The place was fantastic. Family run, and the staff were extremely knowledgeable.

Even after Commodore's demise in 1994, they continued selling machines, floppies and CD ROMs before slowly moving over to PCs.

The place closed about 5 or 6 years ago and seems to have become a chip (as in potato, not micro) shop.

Happy days.
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When I used to live down south, my shop was in Penzance, Cornwall. I forget the name exactly but there was always one guy and his wife at the till (or lurking) and I remember onetime some random customer going nuts because he was sold a PC and something was up with it.

However it had a wall of amiga games... I wish I could go back in time and buy them all lol.

ps. Thou he sold me a really bad Santa based platform game saying it was "popular", it sucked.
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The place I got my A500 from as a kid has long since closed down it was called Microfun, there is a PC store there now but it's not in anyway related.

I didn't get a PC until I left school in 1999 but since then the Amiga has been in storage, I haven't been able to bring myself to throw it out since, I've had it most of my life.
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But for some reason you still post on an Amiga board? I realy think you should dig it out and fire it up. The time has come.
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Amigan - an loving it!!
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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
The shop I purchased my 1200 from was closed down, knocked down and the land is now part of the Westfield Centre in Derby, specifically Debenhams or Next as they are in the approximate location.
I think I know the place. It was called Intoto and had a sizeable collection of PD stuff as well. It was out the back of the Eagle Centre, near Argos. I used to get a lot of my Amiga stuff from there. In fact, it was the first place I saw an A500 (running the Miami Vice demo) and it blew me away!

There was another Amiga-based computer shop down Sadler Gate in Derby called Track Computers. They sold other stuff, but they were all Amigans at heart. I used to roll along to their Kick Off league matches. Track became a clothes shop, but that was a-g-e-s ago!!

There was also a small shop in the Guildhall Market. Can't remember the name, but they'd run you off a copy of a pd or coverdisc if you asked nicely.
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Originally Posted by RMK View Post
But for some reason you still post on an Amiga board? I realy think you should dig it out and fire it up. The time has come.
No games for it I did actually throw them out, hundreds of them.

I'm in the process of getting a WHDLoad A1200 together.
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Originally Posted by pcut View Post
I remember my dad buying our amiga 500 when i was a kid from a computer shop inside of Liverpool Central Train Station, it was in big blue class of the 90's box. Got the train home with it

I think its a perfume shop or something now.

Bits and Bytes. Wow, used to get my Spectrum stuff there too. It turned into a leather shop and ive no idea what it is now as I moved away from Liverpool in 2002.

There was another shop on Lime Street opposite the pub now called "The Vines" (im sure the name has changed) which was City Software/Software City (cant remember which, i think it was both at various points!) which had Amiga stuff too. It now seems to be a tattoo shop.
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Abandoned Amiga shop "Bit" from my city:

I had most of my games from there. Photo from Google Street View. Last game which I bought there was Rise of the Robots or Borobodur: Planet of Doom.
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Lemon Curry ?

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What a depressing picture.
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It's not rare here: http://imgur.com/a/u9EEy
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heres where i used to get my amiga and 8bit stuff you need to lookin streetview and turn around they closed in 1995 and still have logos in windows its a house now

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I remember when I went to my FAV Shop called MIRCOFUN in Barnsley Peel Street back in 80`s and now it is Foods shop
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that should be Bedford not Bradford

They relocated to Kempston and can be found here:

Unit 82a, Singer Way Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston, Bedford MK42 7PU


I used to live about 2 mins drive away from them, they were awesome amiga guys back in the day, sadly they only do pc stuff now but we like to reminisce whenever i pop in.

I still have one of their branded external floppy drives
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