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Changes won't commit to disk upon exit anymore

Hello there.

Having real problems with Amigaforever. Premium 2014 (Never used to have the problem with the Premium 2013)

For some reason when you quit an emulation session it no longer asks me if I want to commit changes to disk.
When it quits any thing I saved to either embedded floppies or external .ADF's are all lost.

Whether the floppy is embedded or external makes no difference. Changes are never saved anymore for some reason.

This of course is incredibly frustrating as all saves now are rendered useless as they never commit to disk.

I don't want to snapshot, I always used to just quit, I used to get asked if I want to commit changes, I always said yes and viola. I updated to 2014 and that is when problems SEEM to happen.

Reason I don't snapshop is I want to save to .ADF blanks so I can just insert those in other games plus easy to transfer just the disk.

Can anyone shed some light ? It is really annoying as I realised all saves I did this morning are "gone".

If you keep the emulated session on it is fine but if you quit....then bye bye all gone. I found no menu items ANYWHERE to bring back "commit changes to disk" option

ANy help would be great because it has rendered AF useless to me at present.


UPDATE: 14:26 AEST 26/10/2014
I reinstalled 2013 over the top of 2014 and now if I try to save to a disk and quit I get asked if I want to commit changes. The problem is clearly with the 2014 version.

Version from my disk is 2013.0.3.0
This version works but if I updated it....pow.....you save to a disk, it does not detect there were changes and it quits and you lose the lot.

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Check Enable Undo

what about "enable undo" option in drives options in media? it seem to not possible to tick it on built-in boot hdfs, but with other disks it supposed to work.

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