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Glen M
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I admit my number 1 past time after playing games is watching youtube reviews of them. Game Sack is by far my favorite youtube channel all be it they don't cover Amiga that much. Other smaller retro reviewers are also fantastic with Octivous Kitten being a stand out example, all be it her recent videos have not been as good. In terms of Amiga I'd have to highly recommend Amigarama and his podcast or even the Retro Hour podcast.

There are obviously many people that enjoy this type of media as the market for it is massive so yes there is a point for retro game reviews and for all flavours of it. From the serious review, the joking review, the angry review, the detailed to the Nth degree review.

All this inspired me to try doing it myself but I'll not spam my channel in this thread.
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Into the Wonderful
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People are always interested in other people's point of view. It's one of the main drivers of the internet. It doesn't matter if the subject of your critique is new, or has been reviewed to death decades ago - there will always be someone that values a new opinion.

Not only that, but hindsight lends immense wisdom to one's thoughts, which is particularly relevant when reviewing something old. One's sentiments about a certain game at the time of its release could be very different to experiencing it many years after, when any hype has been tempered by the passage of time, when observations can be made about how the game has aged, and when one can get a sense of the impact said game may have had in the years after it was released.

Plus if you are fond of writing, reviews are the easiest way to get published IMO. And if there is a nostalgia-fuelled market out there, then why not cater to them? It's fun!
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What I hate about reviews, is that many people don't really understand what review is.
IMDB is the best example.
You're reading peoples reviews about films, but most of the time, they just describe what's going on in the movie! That's not review.

Back to topic - I don't mind new reviews of old stuff at all. I love both old and new reviews. They all make a bigger picture.
Only the difference I make is the quality of review. RetroAhoy channel on youtube is how I imagine a great review. You can see that guy really researched the thing, edited it properly, narrated it.. etc...
Then again, like with IMDB, many "reviews" on youtube consist on just playing the game (very often for the first time), and mumbling their first impressions.
That's not the review.
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