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Question X-Copy help

Hi all,

I have an A500 with an ACA500 plus and external floppy drive as DF1: and a Gotek as DF0:

I am trying to copy ADF's from the Gotek onto a floppy with x-copy pro 7.30

Whatever I try it just won't work, I either get errors verifying after copy, sometimes I get an error of no signal to DF1: sometimes a normal dos copy works all the way with full green but the disk still shows as unknown in workbench.

if I do a normal dos copy then check the disk it says not a dos disk and in workbench, it has ??? next to it.

The floppy reads original disks fine and I have bought new disks with no errors (so the listing said)

Is there a process to get this right I am not doing right? do I need to format using x-copy or workbench a certain way and then use a certain copy procedure depending on the game/software?

Thanks in advance.

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Is your gotek's firmware (flashfloppy or hxc) up to date?
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I use always Doscopy+, and before i do a quickformat

But check first the ADF image with XCOPY, you can see what the status is of the specific ADF
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thanks for the tips, will need to check my firmware, what difference will this make if it is out of date?
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You mentioned the ACA500+, so to rule it out, does the same issue occur without it?

Use Amiga Test Kit to perform a health check (memory and CIA)of the A500 and to perform floppy drive tests on the DF1 drive.

To rule out the Gotek, use X-Copy to perform a one drive copy of a known good disk using the external drive.

You can also check the floppy disks you are using are good. Use X-Copy to format the disk and then perform a CheckDisk on it.

Does the external floppy drive work as expected on another Amiga computer?
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sorry for the delay in reply, I will check all the suggestions noted, I did not think about removing the ACA500 do will do that too.

thanks for all the help


Removing the aca500 does not make a difference
I can copy disk to disk using df1: xcopy pro via ram
Every time I do a copy from gototek in df0: to df1: it verifies fine with no errors but the disk just shows as ???? on workbench.

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