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"Silent" atx power supply

I am still making my amiga rackmount project which is being made for music work. I could do with it making as little noise as possible, can anyone recommend a silent (or as good as) powersupply. It is only powering an a1200 with a blizzard 060 so it does not have to be super powerful.

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my friend,

heres some suggestions for much modding

120watt no noise solution should work nicely for a simply expanded a1200

you will need a 12v 10amp laptop plug-pack for around £20

if you have trouble sourcing, or already have a 120watt laptop plug pack then here is an option (wide voltage input)

heres a plug-pack


there that should get you in the right direction
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Something along these lines?

Cheaper could well be an old laptop power-brick. One of the ones that has a multi-pin plug containing +12, +5, ground, etc might be ideal.
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I wonder if a 200 Watt AT/ATX Power Supply works without the Fan,
if the Load is only like 40 Watt ?
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thanks for the replies guys. Mucho food for thought! I will keep you posted on where this project goes
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The Antec Phantom is supposed to use passive cooling, I think it is better than some other passive cooling options. Downside with these passive cooling supplies is usually the voltage regulation is not as stable, but this one may be more stable than the others.
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I have very little confidence in Antec power supplies. I had one w/ cheap capacitors that leaked everywhere and gave me weeks of frustration from replacing tons of parts until I traced the source of the problems.
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Yep, Ive had 2 Antec supplies die on me now, one in my P4 and another in my mum's Antec Aria media centre PC I built for her.

Avoid, IMHO.
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Ok, can't argue with that, guess Antec quality is variable, some ppl have reported no problems. I myself use PC Power and Cooling which have excellent reviews, but that would be too noisy for your quiet box. They have a quiet version, but it may only be quiet relative to the noisy version.
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