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Use my real SCSI HDD in WinUae - Almost Boots


I have a stock A2000 with A2091 card and a SCSI2SD interface attached.

I was able to boot into workbench using floppies and install WB 2.04 on the new"HDD" on the Amiga itself.

I want to now mount the HDD and boot WinUAE into Workbench on my WinXP PC that has a PCI Adaptec 2940-UW SCSI controller.

I want to do this, so that I can eventually, write my old hard disk information that I pulled many years ago from my old Amiga. It will be like booting into my 20 year old machine all over again.

My setup is almost working.

I can go into WinUAE and add a SCSI hard drive. My HDD shows as an RDB device on the Adaptec card.

I tried to add a 2091 card, but I have two ROM files (low and high) and it looks like UAE only supports a single ROM per expansion. That may be part of the problem.

I can't get it to boot using the 2091 configuration at all of course.

If I change the HDD Device Settings to UAE (uaehf.device) I can actually almost boot the HDD! I get sector errors on my System and Work partitions, and sometimes I get to CLI where I have a "Setpatch" error, but that's it. I imagine this is not the correct way, either. "uaehf" sounds like "hard file" to me, which this disk is not, it's a real Amiga FFS formatted HDD.

I'm stumped at this point. Anyone have any pointers?
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I figured out the expansion ROM part. I rescanned all my ROMs and included subfolders.

Now the A2091 card at least has v7 ROMs installed, which are the same version as my actual A2091 card.

I have Autoboot Enabled. It (A2091 in WinUAE) now attempts to boot from the HDD, but I get "Not a DOS disk in device DH0" error, and can cancel 20 or so times and get a CLI.

Typing: info into the CLI returns "not a valid DOS disk".

I seem to be stuck between the kickstart screen and workbench.

I booted Workbench from an ADF and I see the three HDD partitions. DH0 is NDOS, DH1 and DH2 are "????"

Thanks for reading, hopefully someone has figured this out before.

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A2091 emulation is not mandatory to get this working, uaehf is totally fine too.

The problem lies elsewhere. Termination ok? Cabling ok?
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Hi Jope,

The SCSI cable is only 3" or 8cm long. The SCSI2SD drive and cable works perfectly on the actual A2091 even after it fails to read on the UAE side. The SCSI2SD is terminated (it's version 5.1)

Perhaps this is a geometry issue? If I "read" the drive into UAE, the size changes sometimes. I don't know enough what I am looking at.

It is 1.8GB in total size. Partitions are DH0 (Approx 200MB), DH1 (Approx 500MB), DH2 (approx 1GB)

For example, I read the drive as RDB using the uaehf system, UAE reports: 563/4/63, 141876/142080 blocks, 69.3MB/69.4MB

If I re-read it as A590/A2091, UAE reports 563/4/63, 141876/3812352 blocks, 69.3MB/1861.5MB

The A2091 gets the drive size correct, but the geometry is the same as usehf.device other than total number of blocks. I don't know where the 69MB comes from, all the data currently written in total is less than that. It is interesting that I am not allowed to change the geometry manually in A2091 mode.

I'll dig around for an actual scsi HDD to test. It was difficult enough getting XP to even install and boot on this old Dell machine with AHCI/SATA, now I don't have the 4-pin molex connector anywhere! Yes, all my Windows drivers are up-to-date and no conflicts or missing things in Device Manager.

Thanks, Ill keep the faith!
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I pulled a Quantum 50MB SCSI drive from a GVP Impact HDD A500 thingy that I have in a pile and got the drive to boot using UAE! So, it's not the XP machine, the SCSI card, the cabling/termination... It's got to have to do with disk size or geometry, or perhaps, no one has attempted SCSI2SD (using FFS) with UAE yet.

I tried making a bootable .hdf image of the working 50MB Quantum drive and although UAE makes the image, UAE won't boot into the "Amiga" from the image. I need to figure this out too. This is all part of my understanding on how to make UAE work with Disks and images of them.

I'll try and make a 100MB partition on a new SD card and see what I can make of it on that front as well.



I changed the SCSI2SD settings to all unchecked (removed parity and scsi-2 checkmarks) and I can almost boot now. I get checksum errors and a cli that has no OS. At least the drive shows up as 1.8GB in UAE now.

I'll probably start over with a new SD card formatted to 400MB or something

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Today, I really gave up on the SCSI2SD with WinUAE and it was great!

I put it back into my A2000/A2091 and booted it up, just to make sure it was fine. It still was, no read errors, nothing.

I then pulled the SD card out and put it into my XP PC via a USB adapter.

I mounted the "disk" in UAE as a uaehf.device and lo and behold, the thing booted!

I had a couple of glitches, that were solved by matching the hardware, specifically the amount of Fast RAM of my stock Amiga 2000.

Then, I had some fun. I mounted my 30 year old Work partition as a folder (that's how I backed it up via UAE many years ago) Type DH8: and Named "Worky". Booted the emulation and used Directory Opus to copy the whole 400MB worth of files over. Removed the Worky drive in UAE, Rebooted, Nice, my old Work partition is back, and on SD this time!

Did the Same for System2.1 and it's all there, had a glitch with a WBStartup item that was misbehaving. It fully works now and I can boot my old machine with a "New" Hard Disk!

TLDR: SCSI2SD works great in Amiga computers. SCSI2SD has issues with WinUAE through a SCSI card. No one can pin them down exactly, but I think it's a HDD geometry issue.

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