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Ye Old Basic Questions

Having 3 Amiga's I'm quite lucky to beable to have one for My main system, one for the old games that mess up on accelerated hardware, and now I have a bog standard a1200 that I want to make into, well really, a pretty machine

I've got a few retarded basic questions so you'll forgive me!

1. I want to change the icon for the ram disk to make it the same as the other harddrive icons - how and where?

2. There's alot of programs circulating the net - Aminet etc.. that change menu's and change icons for you, well I want to do it on my own!

Is there anyway I can get an icon off say a windows machine that I like, convet it and use it on my wb?

3. Also where are the actual icons stored? I assume they are stored in the .info but is there no easy way to change it without editing the entire file?

I know this might sound really basic, and it is, but I always seem to skip over the easy stuff and onto the hard things - then when my brother asks for my help - Shit!! :eek

Hope you can help me with these - thanks!
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*Thread moved*

Welcome aboard! Now to answer yer questoins...

1) There is a complicated way and an easy way. the easy way being downloading a new icon library thingy (more on that later). The "hard" way is by storing it in your HD and with a simple script copying it to RAM: everytime Workbench boots up. This is how I set it up on my A600. I can give you teh code if you need it, but I'd get a new icons library

2) You can't. You need these programs. Is not like the Workbench is fully customizable, and that those programs are just GUIs for changing everything. The icons you can change for yourself, though it is a time-consuming task. I did it years ago on my 600, all reworked/created by me and updated by me (by using IconEdit).

To get an icon off a Windows machine you better take a screenshot of it and transfer it to the Amiga. or if you can save an icon into a graphic format, you can convert that to IFF/ILBM

I recommend you getting MagicMenu and NewIcons. Both great add-ons for the Workbench.

3) I don't know what you mean. This machine does not work like shitty Windows, who embeds the icons inside the EXE (!!!). .info files ARE the icons plus a few extra data. There's nothing to extract from there. Easier way to get or change an icon is to load Iconedit and load the bloody thing. You can later save it as another icon, or as an IFF. I dont know how you are editing the icons, but Iconedit should be pretty easy to use... And when yu get newIcons, you could download an extra for PersonalPaint that will allow you to save NewIcons directly from within PP (IconEdit cant do NewIcons).

Hope that helps! I didnt understand fully some of your questions, methinks :P
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2. Try ico2info from aminet. This way you can convert your windows icons to amiga icon information files, you may need to extract your icon from a windows executable though. I remember doing that once, there must be free tools somewhere, maybe on download.com or tucows.com but as Akira said, you can just take a screengrab, and convert it.

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