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Old 31 October 2011, 21:29   #1
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Hello from a 30 something Geek...

Hello EAB

Name's Snowy aka Paul, Im 34 now, Had my first Amiga when I was about 15 ( iirc )
The 1200.
Stupid me at the time got rid after about a year so I could get some audiophile gear.

Anyway Fast forward about two years to now ( Its two or else lmao! )

And Ive just snagged an A600 for my son ( ok and me too )
Came with a box full of "Working" software, Hmmm? Maybe not on that account...
I have managed to get one demo and about three games to load, The rest I give up on, The floppy drive either won't read them at all or it does & goes back to the kickstart screen or it gets to the boot screen then crashes or hangs.

Now, over the years Ive self taught myself how to build pcs and can build and repair a pc now no probs.
Ove the last 12 months however I switched to Mac as I just got so fed up with MS and 'Doze that I made the switch.
Haven't looked back!
However, I know next to nothing about Amiga hardware/software etc so this non-noob is gonna need some noob help lol!

Here are my main questions for now...

How long roughly should a game take to load? ( some will be reading and making all that funky floppy noise, But screen is blank for some time )

Is there a list of Floppies that don't need Relo Kick ( hope i have that right? ) that work on the A600?

I need Workbench 2.5 & 3.1, Has this site got a for sale section?

While Im on about what I need, Im also after a Kickstart 3.1 chip

Ok so what do I have planned?......

For my sons 600 I'm waiting on a few bits Ive ordered...

CF HD kit with installation software.
CF Pcmcia reader.
And an unopened dust cover.

What I still need to get / Am weighing up for the 600...

ACA 630?
VGA card?

For me ...

Im going to get myself a refurbished A1200 from Amiga Kit ready to go out of the box

And I have an oldish pc on its way from my mother in law, So Im going to strip it, Rebuild it, Upgrade the ram, Cooling etc whatever needs doing really,
& Will install Amiga OS on it, OS 4.0 I think?

Anyway, Ive bored you guys enough now So Im off for a browse to see if all my questions are already answered on the boards lol!

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First thing is to get a 3.5" floppy drive cleaning disk from Maplins
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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post

First thing is to get a 3.5" floppy drive cleaning disk from Maplins
Ah cool, We have a Maplins in town aswell,
I shall get in there on Friday
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Old 01 November 2011, 01:06   #4
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Welcome to the forum Snowy(I am sure...we getting some snow in few weeks time! )
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Hello and Welcome

You can get the 3.1 rom from link as AmigaKit don't seem to have any.

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Old 01 November 2011, 03:14   #6
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I have a 600 myself and they are great little machines. I would deffo get one of those disc cleaners as the drives get full of crud over the years. I would also see if someone has a 1.3 disc laying around as sometimes the software won't load because the Kickstart rom is too high... Or something along those lines as working nights blures the information a little lol.

Actually I might have one knocking around somewhere that is spare. I will check for you when I get home from work in the morning.

I am in the process of buying the gear to upgrade my 600 and get it working on my LG LED monitor. I have got a Compact Flash HDD, 604 and Indivision. I am then going to save up and get a floppy emulator and the accelerator card.
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Old 10 November 2011, 15:25   #7
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That would be sweet thanks CritAnime!
Well I got the wet/dry cleaner, Have used it twice so far - 60 seconds, And its made a tiny little difference. Games etc are now getting a little further ( sometimes ) but still hanging on me
I have the CF HD on its way from AmigaKit & a 3.1 Kickstart ROM.
Ended up having a ton of hassle from an ebay user mixing up discs etc and Im yet to try this lot that he's given me. I'll admit his communication is good, But seems very un-passionate about what he does.
Still waiting on my mother in laws old pc so thats still on the cards lol.

Oh and I just purchased WinUAE with 4000+ games which im running on my iMac ( on Windows 7 in bootcamp lol )

I have downloaded and installed Hi-Torro for my Mac but OS X Lion doesnt seem to want to play
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Old 13 November 2011, 02:48   #8
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There is issues with Hi-Torro and Lion. I think they are working on it now.

Can I ask where did you purchase WinUAE from?
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Old 30 November 2011, 11:05   #9
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Welcome. Sounds like some good plans you have there. :-) WinUAE should be free so the seller probably broke rules. Have fun on eab!
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