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Sensible Soccer Netplay GUI

A site for Sensible Soccer by the looks of things has hacked in a purple GUI with all the Netplay command options into FS-UAE for Sensible World of Soccer only.


As this Network GUI hack is used on FS-UAE anyway is there any hacks for the GUI hack to put it into the fully featured all games version of it though.

Since you own the copyrights of the FS-UAE software surely there is some loophole which means if someone helps make an improvement for you to use and you think it's a good one you can talk to them to get it featured in the latest Dev build for everyone to enjoy on every game not only Sensi.

The IRC is hard to get around and even if you do get around it there are quirks which make it fail on occassions as well like an accidental spelling mistake or a space it doesn't like. With this FS-UAE Netplay GUI Hack it would do the commands automaticlly for everyone involved for them so I think it's vital to get this Purple Config screen in from the Netplay standpoint especially if it's already made for you and all you need to do is ask permission to include it in the real version.

Yes, it does indeed say in the talking for it that this is an FS-UAE frontend and when you boot it up it just loads the FS-UAE emulator and SWOS up anyway and yes we definitely require it for sure to give the real FS-UAE's Netplay the non code based facelift it needed from Day 1.

IRC is great for chat but as an Netplay client it is a dog to even start up if you can't spell for toffie and you often hit the spacebar or get letters reversed around with fast touchtyping.

I love the look of this frontend especially if it does the dodgey twitchy which doesn't like a single mistake IRC commands stuff for you. I've never used it but I would if it is in real FS-UAE which means it would run more stuff than the single game on it.

The chat button lets you IRC up people on the host you choose to run on which means you can switch between all the hosts Frode and your manual place ins puts in there and request them to join the game I guess.

I definitely would like to see something like this in real FS-UAE. Preferably with the IRC chat displayed embedded on your right all the time instead of pressing a button to get into it though. I like the chat to be built on my frontends instead of manually pressing a button for something that should already be on the screen.

Netplay as it is has the look I want to see from a frontend already with the big massive chat but to have that console to set all the stuff up on the screen as well in areas it won't look cluttered would improve the experience by setting your commands and choosing the version of the ADF's and it displaying on your chat console with the version indecated so you don't even have to chat for them to pick the right version anymore even.

That would be a mindblowing update if it does happen.

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