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GCC problems

I am trying to use LouiSe's GCC distribution (which only has OS3.1 includes) to port a 68k program from SAS/C to GCC. I have overwritten ADE/os-include/ with ndk_3.9:include/include_h/ and overwritten ADE/os-lib/ with ndk_3.9:include/linker_libs/ .

I am giving "gcc -noixemul -lamiga foo.c" to build the program. But it is giving "undefined reference" errors for all functions that don't already exist in OS3.1. I would also like to link reaction.lib, but -lreaction doesn't work, I don't know the correct syntax and there doesn't seem to be much proper documentation. :-(

It compiles and links without issues on SAS/C. Thanks in advance if some GCC user can give me some advice on what could be the cause.

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Seems your amiga.lib dont have those functions
find a better more recent amiga.lib for 68k
dont use amiga.lib and open/close your libraries yourself and add related include like
#include <proto/reaction.h>
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GCC uses a different library format. You have to use 'hunk2aout' and 'ar' to convert.

1. make a directory and copy amiga.lib to it.
2. cd into the dir and do "hunk2aout amiga.lib"
3. do "ar qc libamiga.a obj.#?"
4. do "ranlib libamiga.a"
5. copy libamiga.a to where the linker libs belong.

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Thanks to all, but I gave up and ended up using VBCC instead.

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