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How about more work for linux uae?

I can't figure out why there has been so much less work done on the linux version of UAE. Especially the past couple years now that many linux distros are so easy to install, manage, and use. Linux reminds me so much more of the kind of OS the amiga had than windows, so I'm surprised there aren't many more amiga fans who have switched over to linux and dumped windows. Especially nowadays- on my computer KDE flies and looks so much sharper and I have so many more options compared to my xp partition. It's really nice. Honestly, if it wasn't for winuae, I'd have deleted my windows partition long ago, but uae on linux just, well, sucks really when compared with winuae. Actually that's true of some other emulators too, like vice- why can't they get full screen mode working right under linux? It's possible, after all many commercial games go full screen mode no problem.
Don't know much about modern programming, but really, I'm wondering why more amiga fans haven't switched to linux and why there has been so much effort and interest in winuae and so much less with uae for linux?
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Hear hear. Us programmers (especially me and my friend Erik) would truly appreciate a newer Linux UAE!

To be fair though, Linux is an operating system for programmers. You can have a hell of a time trying to install a graphics driver, try to get bittorrent working, etc etc. There's also the question of fewer companies developing software for the Linux environment, but that's slowly getting better. Except on the games front, and that's understandable. It's hard to justify a Linux port of a game when the user base is still so small. But hopefully that will change too
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Yeah, I agree with you about some points. To be fair though, nowadays if a person has an nvidia card it's often not too hard to set up the graphics driver for several distros, what with rpms and apt-get being able to do it for a person automatically almost. I tried the distro called mepis off a live CD and stuck it into my wife's dell laptop and the thing configured nvidia graphics and everything automatically with no tweaking off the live CD!
The other thing is I'm not sure that setting up picasso, mui, etc, etc, etc. on amigaOS to get it up to speed these days Is any less difficult than working in linux. So most amiga users could figure out linux, I'd think.
I'm just grouchy today! Wish I could drop XP but I'm addicted to winuae! LOL
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Black Lives Matter

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Are you guys not aware of evilrich's experimental UAE? It's compiled on the winuiae source! You can get binaries for many Xish flavours including OS X.
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and even AmigaOS itself . . .
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Black Lives Matter

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Yes, it's great
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