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cheeky scoundrel
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Aw, a pet sheep.
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I have a beloved pet, An epileptic German Shepherd called "Boo", and today I discovered that (at nearly 8 years old) she has a lump.
She's just had 5 full months of no epileptic fits as well, so this could well and truly suck - the last two years were bad enough (25 year old stepson diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer (the day after my mrs got diagnosed with CFS/ME on top of her previously diagnosed CoPD..), major emergency op +treatment (doing ok atm. physically..) my "xmas dog" (the dog I had for xmas, not for life) spending 3 months with us, only to go back to his owner (who broke her ankle putting xmas decos away, which was why he was with us) only to end up at the vets, under the knife (a mere two days later!) with his much-loved owner being called and asked "it's terminal, do you want us to bring him around so you can say goodbye?" my wife's cat (hit by a car in dec 2016, £1500 and one less leg later it's lovely)....

I still generally prefer animals to humans tho...
Amigas too..

So yeah, I know where you are coming from. 3 humans, 1 & 3/4 cats, 3 dogs in this house currently....

(If anyone wonders why I dissappear from the Amiga scene for an extremely long while, the above gives some clues...)

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cheeky scoundrel
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Holy shit, what a horror story Some people get all the bad luck when it comes to pets.
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The Human/Gray Hybrid

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Our new master:

Her name is Tiertjie, and she's seven weeks old
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Sooooo cute kkgarbod!!!
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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Sooooo cute kkgarbod!!!
My dog was sitting next to me when I opened this thread and he actually whined and licked his lips when he saw the pic.
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Bad dog; down boy!!!
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Old 08 March 2018, 17:00   #48
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Originally Posted by kkgarbod View Post
Our new master
The plague from Egypt !

Free birdies overhere. Invasive/alien pest can eat lead
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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
So sad to hear about your doggy, Shatterhand
Take care friend, and come back to this whenever you can.
Thank you mate. I miss her a lot, there's an emptyness in the house that just don't go away. We adopted her when she was 6 years old, 6 years ago. We knew she wouldn't stay with us as long as the other dog (Who's still here with us ), but it's still very hard to deal with her loss. Her last days were really tough on her, but she never stopped giving us love, even when her disease was hitting her really hard. That was really amazing of her.

This is her, a few years ago, healthy, with me

[ Show youtube player ]

And now my thread about a work in progress game becomes a lover letter to my dog, heh She was an amazing dog, she will never be forgotten and will be forever loved and missed.
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cheeky scoundrel
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Man of my word (see the bottom part of the OP for reference), last week we spent a couple of days in Paris for the first time ever

Love the city and especially the food (and the fact that everyone speaks quite a proper English, thank god), but you keep learning about yourself. I can't spend 5 nights only in one city, on day 4 I was going almost crazy trying to fill a day. Needless to say, we some some landmarks 2, 3, 4 times. Once as part of a free walking tour, that is highly recommended.

And yes, we did go up the Eiffel Tower... In this day and age I can't recommend it; the 50 euros (two tickets) and the quarter of a day standing in line doing a prison shuffle just aren't worth the view that is not going to include the Eiffel Tower in the skyline. It took us 3 hours of queuing just to get to the first elevator :/

But meh. Really good food. Good coffee too if you stay out of the tourist traps where they charge 5.5 euros for a single cappuccino. Definitely going back some day. For two nights.
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Knight Of The Kingdom

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Cute Cat
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Old 27 May 2018, 11:17   #52
Lemon Curry ?

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My little girl, she's been dead for more that 15 years but I still think about her every day (Still have her collar).

R.I.P Trunte.

Two pics of Trunte from my cousins 5th birthday back in 87-88, MASK, G.I. Joe (Action Force) and He-man was huge back then and she just happened to love hot cocoa. .

Minnie (Tigerdyr, Minnie-mus), not my Tigger, but close friends of mine, unfortunately she's also gone now.

Magnus, Magnus von Bufast-Schnaps (pet name (pun)), my little guy. Also gone now .

That's it from me, I don't wan't new pets or attach my self to new pets, losing them is just like losing a family member.

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