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WB1.3 starting from icon not releasing memory on exit


I'm creating a little asm intro as learning excercise and I have a little problem.

When I start prg from CLI and exit, it releases all memory but same file started from icon doesn't, chip ram gets lower and lower until prg can't be started anymore. This problem happens only on 1.2 and 1.3 KS ROMs, on 2.0 and newer I don't have any problems.

I don't use any memalloc&freemem in code, but I use BSS_C section - EDIT: moving BSS_C section in DATA_C section doesn't solve problem. After all - starting from CLI works without problems.

I would like to make it runable without problems on all ROM versions and situations Anyone expirienced something like this?

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Starting from Workbench requires a special procedure. You can handle both cases like this:

GetMsg     = -372
FindTask   = -294
Forbid     = -132
ReplyMsg   = -378
pr_MsgPort = 92

Start   clr.l   -(sp)
        move.l  4, a6
        sub.l   a1, a1
        jsr     (FindTask, a6)
        move.l  d0, a2
        tst.l   (pr_CLI, a2)
        bne     .1

        lea     (pr_MsgPort, a2), a0
        jsr     (WaitPort, a6)
        lea     (pr_MsgPort, a2), a0
        jsr     (GetMsg, a6)
        move.l  d0, (sp)

.1      bsr     Demo

        move.l  (sp)+, d2
        beq     .2

        move.l  4, a6
        jsr     (Forbid, a6)
        move.l  d2, a1
        jsr     (ReplyMsg, a6)

.2      moveq   #0, d0
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Starting from Workbench is a bit different than starting from CLI:

When starting from WB, it sends you a WBStartup message that needs you need to reply and dealloc before existing your program. Otherwise the WBStartup message stays in memory.

There are some startups that take care of of it.
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Leffmann, thanks, works OK.

I was using this in startup code, but for some other reason (other bug) that didn't work so I was filtering this code with LibVersion check. Now checked again after you replied and all works as it should.

Maybe its better to take some rest from coding Thanks again!
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