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Originally Posted by jurassicman View Post
I created a folder called saves on my ScummVM directory and I put all my savegames there.

I've played a few times BS1 and Monkey2 and I was able to load the savegames I previously made without any issues.
If i make a directory and point scummvm to it in the gui it states "The chosen directory cannot be written to. Please select another one"

/edit ok, scratch that, I had to edit the game options, not the global options.

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I was able to start COMI (I've copied the COMI uncompressed files from my PC to my Amiga) but the game seems quite slow.

I couldn't play more than a few minutes because holding pressed the left mouse button on an item (the cannon rope) the game crashed with the same message I received the other time.

It's difficult to understand what causes the error, I'll see if I can reproduce it.

Unfortunately, contrary to what I previously said, the program still crashes if I start it with "fullscreen=true" on the scummvm.ini file even without any themes.

I'l do more tests tomorrow...
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This version also works with MT-32 support for me, sounds good, a tiny amount of skipping when first starting but that's it. Tested with SQ5, Elvira, a couple others.
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Finally got around at testing it on my CSPPC. It works on full screen, no freezes in the start menu. That is CSPPC @ 200MHz with a V4, SB128 and RTL8139. My workbench is heavily modified (it is a tuned Amikit workbench).

The debugger comes up, though, in COMI. As all the ports are compiled to WarpOS with the original WarpOS includes and docs and not to the sonnet library, where it works on mulitple different PowerPC CPUs (with/without L2, Altivec etc etc) I am pointing to the PowerPC.library itself.

Other games seem to work.


One of the following made the debugger go away:

Setting memprot to 0
Starting from CLI
Setting stack to 2000000

My money is on the stack as it is a known problem with WarpOS.

And yes, don't play with uncompressed files.....

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