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Joe Maroni

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Brian the Lion maps

is anyone interested about the reason why there are not all maps of Brian the Lion at the HOL until now?

some members already know why it is not, but i like to share my knowledge about this game and i can't continue without your help...

so...should i take the time to write something about it what i already learned....???
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Of course, always interesting, if Amiga related.
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Do you know something we don't?
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I'm quite interested in them! I remember finding a "secret" world by inputting a random password one time (which I wrote down on my "Amiga passwords diary", which got thrown out ages ago ) which was entirely made of lava and was hard as heck. I would love to see a map of it
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I'm very interested in what You want to write Yeah, this game got lot of secet levels + cd32 version got at least 3 new levels .
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Joe Maroni

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It is more than a year (dec 2013) ago that i last worked on it...i first need to sort out what is interesting...

Yesterday i've sorted my HDDs and found it again...so that's the reason why i asked...

EDIT: some details that Michael Throughton told me about the game:

Unfortunately Russ drew a blank too - looks like there's nothing backed up. I know for a fact we never had some of the source as it was lost before we even shipped the game It was the side scrolling shooting section written by Russ on his Amiga 1200 - everything else was developed on a PDS system running on a 286 PC with Hercules monochrome gfx card. So any bugs in that bit are probably there because we couldn't easily fix them.
It's been a long time There will be a section that contains the colour palette regions - we had 2d regions in the map that defined palette transitions - usually 5 colours at a time, and I think you could only change 1 set per line, but I might just be making this all up I know we were a bit limited because of the sprite multi-plexing going on in the background which occupied the copper for the full display width, so you only had the horizontal blanking region to update bitplanes and palettes. The scrolling used a toroidal toplogy, to minimise memory usage, so we had to flip the bitplane pointers somewhere down the screen to loop it back round in memory.

BTW my proudest achievement was in the mini-games - the rotating crystal platforms on the 'mode 7' rotating tunnel backdrop. It was a demo effect I coded, and when my boss saw it he just wanted to include it, so we came up with those mini-games purely as an afterthought. Took a lot of fiddling to get the timing right, as it was using 6 bit-planes and you needed to update the scrollregister every ~16 pixels to hardware scale each line independently (with some pre-scaling as we could only shrink a line by 1-16 pixels) - and I had to re-do it all for the AGA version.

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