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B.C. Kid


I have trying to find the map of the first stage of B.C. Kid, but find nothing.

I have the tiles :


Add a screenshot of the first stage


i dont know why it find nothing at all.

If someone can help me for this.

thanks in advance.

ps: sorry for my poor english
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Thumbs up BC Kid uses a double map

BC Kid is a little tricky I'm afraid which is why the search isn't working. Basically it's a double map game.

Firstly, the tiles for the first map have to be arranged as 1 across by 2 down when drawn. They are stored as words, but only the lower byte is used, so the mask needs to be $ff to ignore the high byte. When you do this at $36818, you will see the larger tiles (32x32) appear. You must set the "Actual tile size" at the bottom of the Map tab to display 32x32, otherwise the secondary map will still think they are 16x16s.

Now you have to activate the second map tab, which is storing the tiles as bytes vertically (just like Turrican 2 - by the same Factor 5 team) and that will assemble the map. The practice level happens to be 16 bytes tall by 127 wide, and then you'll see the level appear. There's one extra byte wide which almost belongs to the map, scroll it around and you'll see. (The game probably abuses the extra column to avoid having to worry about blitting objects off the edges).

In my long term plans is an improved search to help find these kinds of maps, but I have a lot of more important stuff to finish first. These kind of games you sometimes need a little luck and a lot of practice to find the double maps.

I imagine all the other levels are similar, but you'll have to locate the first map before hunting for the second one. Attached is an INI file to get you going.

A few other things:

1. You're using a cracked version and there appears to be some corrupt graphics in it (eg. when facing the character left). I would always use an SPS version or WHDLoad version as the games are not likely to have problems that way.

2. In the Map Search, you should always use the far right button to remove colours from your picture that are not in the tiles. It avoids a lot of pain!

3. In WinUAE, you can get a much cleaner screenshot by disabling sprites. Hit Shift-F12, type "Ms 0" and then "x" and Enter. Now take your screenshot without all the extra junk. It'll make matching a whole lot easier. To return the sprites, use "Ms ff" instead.
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oki, not easy at all.

thks for this tips
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The explanation of the map construction has held up for two full levels now. Fortunately it isn't necessary to find the maps by hand. First align the correct tile set. There is always at least one tile unique to the map. (sign post for example). Run Windows calculator in hexadecimal mode. Look for a line Chip memory offset in savestate: $??? and store that in calculator memory.

Set a breakpoint at $7102 in game. When it stops register A0 will contain the Map Ripper address and A3 the Map 2 address. Add the offset to both of those and plug the new values in. This offset drifts so it must be monitored at all times.

So far the height has varied from 8 to 64 in the Map 2 tab. It's not hard but tedious to have to do these calculations especially when some of the parts are little larger than a single screen.

Area to find maps:
000070E4 1033 2000                MOVE.B (A3, D2.W*1, $00) == $00038bd5,D0
000070E8 c07c 00ff                AND.W #$00ff,D0
000070EC e748                     LSL.W #$00000003,D0
000070EE d041                     ADD.W D1,D0
000070F0 2069 0074                MOVEA.L (A1, $0074) == $000006a8,A0
000070F4 3030 0000                MOVE.W (A0, D0.W*1, $00) == $00039728,D0
000070F8 3200                     MOVE.W D0,D1
000070FA c07c 0f00                AND.W #$0f00,D0
000070FE c27c f000                AND.W #$f000,D1
00007102 4e75                     RTS

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