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Power Supply Question


I just got one old A500 from the bay. On power up one capacitor of the internal drive popped. At first i thought the old capacitor was broken anyway and replaced it. Powered it up again another capacitor on the drive popped. After that a bit of the driver-ic popped away together with a bit of die.

Now i measured the voltages of the power supply. Normaly it should be +5V, +12V and -12V. But my supply delivers +5, -12 and +38V! ... I guess +38V is the reason why the capacitors popped.

Can somebody imagine why the power supply delivers +38V and not +12V? I opened the supply and everything looks good. It's the old heavy version. There seems to be some resistor to make a adjustment. Could it be that this resistor is misadjusted?

Damn, i hope the supply did not damage more than the drive :-P

Best Regards

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roy bates
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your probably better of just getting hold of a known working poer supply than triyng to fix the old one.there real cheap as you know.

as for the amiga the chances are that it did blow some parts.as the parts only work to within 5-10% of tolarence,it cant really get any worse than try it with another working power supply.

btw did you buy this as working,dident the seller know it was a faulty power supply id be pretty pissed if it was me.

i remember buying a 1200 of ebay the once and the power supply was broken (on the inside it was completley smashed to bits)but the out side was perfect .luckely i tested it BEFORE i plugged it in.try to figure that one out?
ok on the outside busted to bits on the inside seal INTACT

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