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A600 RAM upgrade - Any difference in floppy games?

Hi all,

Fairly fresh member here, I have written a short intro in the new member section. I have a question which I have not been able to conclude on, even after a lot of forum reading:

Will my Amiga 600 have any benefit from upgrading the RAM, if all I use it for is games from floppy/Gotek?

I am fully aware that WHDload and workbench programs will need some additional ram, but for now it is just a game machine.

I read somewhere that some games gets additional sfx, fewer disk changes etc with more ram, but I believe the examples were for A500 games.
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Only a few games might benefit from it, like Primal Rage which only works on minimum 2meg chip ram machines and isn't actually an AGA title.

For most games, having 1 meg chip ram is enough to get the benefit from those games that will load extras.
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Always good to have extra Chip RAM. Especially great for big module files, if you are into playing or making those. Then again a huge module file won't fit on a floppy, but even an 800KB module will probably not play in a 1MB system.
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I *think* Lionheart doesn't like only 1MB CHIPRAM. I'm not even sure it likes 2MB CHIPRAM

I don't know the technical reasons why, but on a computer with no FASTRAM it runs a program as it boots called "fakefast" and I think it doesn't work too well.

The WHDload slave definitely says 0.5MB of other mem
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Really? I never had issues with Lionheart.
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