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Originally Posted by Clark Kent View Post
At the moment only directories and images could be mounted.
I'm not using real harddisks but the sd card i use in my a1200 can be used with fs-uae. I guess harddisks should work too.

Make sure that fs-uae has the rights to use the device. Maybe start the emulator as root (or as administrator on windows)

EDIT: see this thread:
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Clark Kent
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OK, this seems to be a workaround - but it's not sure that it is always the same disk number. But I would like to see this in the GUI as seen in WinUAE.
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FS-UAE can mount hard drives on Linux and macOS. It is quite a bit of work to add GUI functionality to lists removable disks and mount them, since this is very different on each OS (and also often requires root access), so that's not on the todo list at the moment.

As for FS-UAE with updated WinUAE core, that is progressing quite well, but somewhat in burts I've rewritten quite of bit of the time synchronization code, and I am also working on a new audio/video/input backend (in progress) which is why there hasn't been a new development release yet. But the end result should be a better FS-UAE In particular, the new synchronization code makes fastest-possible-mode much more "stable" and performant. (Fastest-possible mode didn't really work at all after the WinUAE 4.x integration before I started on the partial rewrite).

It is possible to try new stuff from the git repo. The new audio/video/input code can be tested with the
command line option (right now, both old and new modes are available in the same binary). The main problem with the new code is that there is no GUI menu at all yet, that's the main remaining thing before doing a new development release.
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If latest Winuae changes could be included/made to work, it would be amazing - and FS-UAE would be perfect
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Thanx for all the updates and hard work.
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