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FS-UAE 3.0.0 "cx_Freeze: Python error in main script" - Windows 7

So I go to visit an old friend of mine, also an Amiga fan, and introduce him to FS-UAE (because the screen scaling is to die for). I download a nice shiny new version of 3.0.0 (64-bit), install it on his 64-bit Win7 system, and fire up the Launcher to start configuring it.


I uninstalled, removed all trace of FS-UAE (that I could find) and reinstalled - no change. Tried the portable version. Nothing. Tried the latest dev version. Nope.

As soon as I fire up the Launcher (or Arcade) it comes straight up with that error. I've checked around the place and found some similar issues but they were 1) ages ago and 2) on Linux and MacOS.

At this point I'm not sure where to direct my troubleshooting efforts. Any clues?

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Alas, it seems my suspicions are correct and I'm the only person to ever have this problem on Windows 7, ever.

I guess I'll try finding every trace of FS-UAE and removing it, then reinstalling. Maybe I'll install Python - dunno (not likely needed). It's always problematic when these things that "just work" just don't.
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Any unusual chars (or spaces) in the username that could be causing some confusion?
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Hi, the same error has definitively not happened on Linux and macOS. You probably searched for errors related to cxFreeze and fsboot or something, but the more specific and relevant information is that the windows error code is -21470248940 and that the error occurs while looking up the documents folder for the user. The error code -2147024894 (0x80070002) can indicate a file not found error. Reinstalling FS-UAE will not help.

Does the user have a valid documents folder? Is the documents folder moved or something?
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1) Nothing unusual about the username. Three alphabetic characters.
2) cxFreeze was indeed what I was looking for and the Linux and macOS issues where as close as I could come to even a mention of that much.

The user does indeed have a valid documents folder that, as far as I can tell, does and has always worked just as expected. It's not been moved since it was created (as far as I'm aware).

The interesting thing is while I was troubleshooting last night (I only get to this computer once a week) I was playing around with the Portable version (easier to know where to look for things) and noticed the Portable.ini file in the Extras folder and read it. Mistakenly, I thought the zip version was already configured to be the portable version. I realise now I misread, and when I moved the Portable.ini file where it was supposed to be it worked a treat. My bad.

..which further cements the suspicion that it's Documents folder related (or AppData, specifically). Oddly enough, I can go to exactly that location in the error message and SEE the files it's referring to.

I'll see what I can do about backing up his Documents and re-establishing it. Something's gone screwy in Win7's head, it seems. In the meantime he's at least got the portable version working for him.

Thanks for the clue.
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