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FS-UAE and midi support?


Discovered FS-UAE today and I'm up and running without any issues.

Is it possible to get midi in/out on OS X (Mountain Lion) at all?

Brilliant work BTW! Loving the Amiga emulation native in OS X


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FS-UAE Developer

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I'll have to disappoint you here, because there's no MIDI support in FS-UAE, and I don't plan to work on this either. I don't know how complicated it would be, but I suspect it's a *lot* of work, and I have many other features to implement
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No problem. I understand it's not a high priority thing for the community.

I'm guessing it would be done via hooking into the serial port code. In the WinUAE source there is a midi class that looks like midi output needs attention, but midi input just passes the byte stream into the serial port. Hooking into the native OS midi capability is another story.

I do some more playing, but I doubt I'll get far as my C++ skills are very rusty!

Thanks again for your hard work. Much appreciated!

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Scott: you got a intel based mac? ever tested wine for mac or crossover ( #over is the have to pay for wine version ... ).
using wine you can use WinuAE on you mac. not tested on a mac myself but once running linux machine, did work well - midi was working too.

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Yes I have an Intel Mac. I've had WinUAE running in VMWare Fusion fine with midi but I couldn't get it reliably (timing issues) talking to synth plugins running natively on the Mac.

Think I'm going to have to dust off the A1200 and do it the old fashioned way with hardware midi interfaces..
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correct timing using wine and winuae, i cannot guaranty. its not much hassle to give it a try - but the real thing may enjoy you even more
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Old 27 February 2014, 00:47   #7
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I'll be extremely grateful for MIDI support in FS-UAE as well. I work on a macbook pro and it'd be an absolute ballache to have to carry round a pc laptop just to be able to test midi sync of ableton with octamed etc. or even more of a ballache to setup my amiga in the internet cafe, altho i'm sure i'd get 1000 hipster points...
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Der Wanderer
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I think the right way to do it would be a CAMD driver that is a simple wrapper for native calls, however MIDI works on the MacOS side. The 68K side of the driver could be reused for Windows and Linux. Going through the serial port emulation is kinda uncool, because:

1. requires serial port emulation
2. only 1 midi port
3. modern MIDI interfaces are gazillion times faster than 31250 BAUD

You probably wouldn't emulate a harddrive through a simulated Floppy hardware...
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Old 27 February 2014, 01:41   #9
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someone wrote support for camd stuff for octamed too
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B14ck W01f
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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
Scott: you got a intel based mac? ever tested wine for mac or crossover ( #over is the have to pay for wine version ... ).
using wine you can use WinuAE on you mac. not tested on a mac myself but once running linux machine, did work well - midi was working too.
I couldn't run WinUAE in Wineskin, no matter how I created my wrapper.
I tried WinUAE through CrossOver, and it just works great.
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Old 09 July 2014, 22:42   #11
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I'd be grateful for MIDI support in FS-UAE too as I use my Amiga 1200 mainly for sound/music creation.

I recently installed FS-UAE on my late 2011 Macbook Pro.
MIDI support is a big deal for us music makers.

I appreciate your development of FS-UAE

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Just piping in --- I'm using FS-UAE in Lubuntu and would appreciate MIDI implementation. I have been using Amigas for MIDI work for several decades and can do stress-testing on real hardware if needed. Am very familiar with Amiga MIDI software (i.e. Bars & Pipes, OctaMED, Dr. T's KCS).
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Old 31 March 2015, 00:21   #13
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I'd like to use MIDI in fs-uae, too.
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Hi friends.

I've "discovered" FSUAE (it's impressive, I never supposed this is even possible to create such an accurate emulation) 4 days ago, so I'm very new member of the community, but - because I'm also interested in MIDI bridge between emulated Amiga and the "host" - I've done several simple experiments on that filed.

First of all: as we know, typical MIDI solution for Amiga was based on interface plugged into serial port, and most MIDI apps are just sending/receiving MIDI data to/from serial (even without checking if the MIDI interface is connected or not). So we don't need any special "MIDI functionality" inside the UAE - just an accurate Amiga serial port emulation. We also need a technique for redirecting data from the emulated serial port to the MIDI ports (hardware or virtual) on the host side.

FSUAE is already equipped with serial port emulation and we can choose "emulation mode" for serial port between (a) linking emulated serial port with any serial port (hardware or virtual) of the host or (b) using TCP socket. Everything you need to know for this is here: https://fs-uae.net/docs/serial-port

I played a bit with first "mode" (using socat to create virtual serial port), but with no success - I think, there is a problem with OSX Sierra blocking access to some resources and I was unable to establish communication between virtual serial port and my own software.

Then I used TCP/IP serial port. I sketched simple pipeline (in Java/Processing and MaxMSP) redirecting data from TCP socket to my MIDI equipment. On FSUAE side I used various versions of OctaMED (my favorite tracker) to generate MIDI messages. Early results which I have achieved are rather promising: MIDI data sent via this pipeline are corectly formatted and finally I can redirect them to "external" MIDI ports and to control MIDI equipment.

I just wanted to point out that this was very early attempt - I tested the pipeline transmitting Note On / Note Off messages only (no controllers or program change yet - however they should be very simple to handle, too) and I'm not sure if the emulated serial port on FSUAE side and TCP/IP transmission are fast and accurate enough to handle any "real world" MIDI data traffic. Also I observed some strange behaviours with OctaMED itself, but I have to investigate it deeper - anyway, that was noting very problematic.

But the basic conclusion after my tests is rather promising: generic MIDI is already supported in FSUAE.

I'm very busy with some projects right now, but I want to go back to the topic in a few weeks, maybe still in late May.

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Old 11 May 2017, 18:21   #15
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I prepared a little "proof of concept" solution for bidirectional MIDI communication on OSX (should work with Windows too). Here is the link: http://paweljanicki.jp/shared/tcpmidi.zip

It's on early stage of development, but "on my machine it works" ;-)

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