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Originally Posted by Rotareneg View Post
Password protecting the archive will stop it from being scanned too.
But then WinUAE can't use it.
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How about .go ?
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I've been using .script extensions...
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Me too. But most time without an extension.
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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Speaking of "no extensions needed for scripts", are there ANY Amiga files that need extensions for identification?
The only ones I can think of that actually *require* it are .info and .backdrop files. Many files use extensions as a convention however, for example #?.library, #?.device, and #?.mcc/mcp for MUI classes. Some Amiga applications like to use extensions, but it's not mandatory.

I would've thought archives would be one thing that is needed, if only for WinUAE to identify the files that are dragged and dropped into it!
Nope, not on the Amiga. WinUAE might be an Amiga emulator, but it's a Windows application which is why it requires the extension

I remember back when I was using real Amigas in the 1990s that extensions in filenames were fully optional, but then how do you tell what the files are? If the only way to tell what the file does is via the accompanying icon, then that's not much use if the icon is deleted!
Why do you really need to know what format it's in? File extensions are optional, you could always use them for that purpose (and use longer ones than the pre-Windows 95 style of strictly 8.3 names in capitals). I tended to use extensions for filenames that would be transferred to other platforms like images, but otherwise there was no need - if it was an image I could read, a datatype would open it independent of the extension. Then again, I updated AmigaOS to 3.9 in the '90s, which included the DefIcons system for automatic filetype recognition. So you can easily see that a file is a JPEG image, archive, audio file or whatever and simply open a suitable application by double-clicking it, even if it doesn't have an icon associated with it.

That could already be done on 3.1 of course by installing DefIcons and the various datatypes, archive handlers and so on, but it was very nice to have them all integrated. Sounds like NewIcons and DefIcons were what you needed back then.

All I can say is: thank God I moved to the PC with a much more reasonable filename system (from Win95 onwards at least) - I can only imagine the headaches and clutter that separate icons caused in the world of Amiga.
I don't really know what headaches you're talking about - separate icons are handled transparently by Workbench, and are one of the advantages of using the Amiga versus other platforms.
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