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Maj. Voodoo

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Google Play Store App out of control...


Fleeceware’ Play store apps quietly charging up to $250

Imagine an Android GIF-making app available on Google Play that automatically charges €214.99 ($253) to continue using it beyond its three-day trial period.

Or how about a completely unremarkable QR code reader app, whose developer thinks that a charge of €104.99 is a fair price to continue using it 72 hours after it was downloaded.

If you think these prices sound far-fetched, we have news – researchers at SophosLabs have discovered at least 15 apps which have been downloaded millions of times between them charging these extraordinary prices under Google’s nose.

The most unexpected part of this discovery? By exploiting a loophole in the Play store licensing regime, this behaviour appears to be legal.
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Old 28 September 2019, 12:14   #2
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Time to fuck Android off and switch to iPhone.
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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Time to fuck Android off and switch to iPhone.
OR like myself, don't own a freaking smart phone

I do have an Android tablet but have never had this issue with needing apps and such like this, I just play Brainium Solitaire on it
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Old 29 September 2019, 01:18   #4
Lemon Curry ?

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Originally Posted by jmmijo View Post
OR like myself, don't own a freaking smart phone
Exactly, then again I hate those "smart" buggers with a passion.
I still use my trusty old W810 I got second hand years ago.
It does what a phone needs to, the occasional call and text, that's it.
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Old 01 October 2019, 03:16   #5
Re-loading. Please wait.

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The Android market place has ALWAYS felt like a dark damp ally-way to me. Not the kind of place you take your wallet out in.

"It's fine...just enter your credit card details....trust me".

The ONLY thing I've purchased so far is the Amiga ROMS from Cloanto (Amiga Essentials), and I've not entered my CC details for ANY other app, or paypal or anything.

Temped by Horizon Chase though.......

But again, this further tempts me to really consider dumping a full fledged smart phone and just going for something with "buttons".

I'd never go Apple. I prefer to have full access to my own file system thanks Allthough.....the lack of stalking from Apple compared to Google is a big plus imho and has made me think twice recently.

But a dumb phone would achieve the same thing.
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I've heard of using something like the tech from privacy.com to create virtual CC"s for sites you may want to not provide your CC info for but of course this means having to trust privacy.com with your actual CC details
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cheeky scoundrel
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I don't get it. How is it possible that an app can request a payment without having to ask for approval first :/ That sounds buggy as all hell.
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Why should you do the payment if an algorithm can do it for you?!
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