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What about joypad for pc ??

Hi guys i receive multiple joypads,
for new years,birthdays,etc... during last years

They broke really fast, they were xbox one pad...
I had xbox360 pads too, they seemed more solid.
Which joypad are you using for your pc ??
And which one could be a good buy ??
ps: did they repair the latences for joysticks competition pro ?
I mean the new ones with usb ??
Think you for sharing.
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Old 26 November 2019, 09:48   #2
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I use a Logitech Rumble 2 pad that I use and it's great, though I'm not a big gamer so I couldn't comment on things like lag other than I haven't noticed anything. I also occasionally use Nintendo Gamecube controllers with a USB adaptor - this is the nicest controller I've ever used...
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I used many different pads, still using cheap xBox 360 rockcandy or something like that. Bought 5 of them @ ~ $3 each some time ago. (not sure why they were 80-90% discounted)

I also sometimes use Steam controller or one of PS3 controllers (not Sony) that works on PC too.
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Old 26 November 2019, 18:03   #4
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I had a much greater experience in games that require pixel-accurate reaction times like Dead Cells with the PS4 controller, while was struggling not knowing what's the problem with the XBOX one. Not to mention playing the classics like Crash Bandicoot or Spyro trilogies, the touch of the classic controller I held all those years ago brings so much memories and restores my "skilles" immidiately.

Sadly, many games don't show the proper layout of the PS4 pads keys, showing only XBOX key signs, and that's very annoying and killing the immersion.

EDIT: don't remember the site right now, but read a technical test about the response times of various pads and PS4 with the official bluetooth dongle wins not only with the official M$ dongle but also most cabled ones.
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Old 28 November 2019, 09:49   #5
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I use wired XB 360 pads, my partner uses a wireless XB One pad. Both have their pros and cons, I find the buttons in the 360 better while the sticks on the One are better.

If you're looking into a Steam controller, they're selling them quite cheap right now during the autumn sale:

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Old 28 November 2019, 17:13   #6
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I use a Saitek gamepad, the PS2700 (works with 99% of games as played on a PS1 or PS2 also). As you can see on the second picture, it allows you to switch positions between the left analog joystick and the D-pad. Very convenient.

Or get a first generation USB Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad if you like it old school though its D-pad is not everyone's taste (not unlike the one that comes with Saturns gamepads).

[ Show youtube player ]

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Old 22 December 2019, 17:37   #7
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The red sport has som nice rubbery grip, updated D+pad and the new windows bluetooth adapter is included.
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The SN30 Pro+ from 8bitdo. Works great for Retro and modern games.

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Old 23 December 2019, 13:15   #9
Oh noes!
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oh.. and if you really want to go for durability and low latency, Xbox elite controller or arcade sticks...

I've never broken either of them, they did dent my floor though. I can't really justify the price for either, unless your an enthusiast /or just have controller OCD You can buy 3 Xbox controllers for the same price.
  • Ps4 controllers have really low (wireless) latency and are pretty cheap. Button placement is just.. wrong and outside of steam, drivers may be needed.
  • Switch pro controller has a really nice feel and great gyro. I've heard bad things about the durability, stick drift. Drivers are even harder to get running (steam?)

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