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Very sad to learn this. I suppose there are still some people in this world who are holding on to the Amiga as a business rather than as a hobby...
In the last two years I bought 3 "modern age" accelerators which are absolutely great. I also bought 2 keyboard membranes, one for the A1200 and one for the A600 which made these 2 affected keyboards work like new. I'm glad there are knowledgeable people out there who produce quality stuff and sell for fair prices.

Sad is only that there are a few people with dubious practices. Looks like some try to muzzle people who criticize. It's good when the info is shared, so everybody who cares can avoid them.

PS: Would be interesting what - in general - can safely be said and written. I'm sure a real lot can be expressed and told as personal opinions and experiences.

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Originally Posted by lesta_smsc View Post
Very sad to learn this. I suppose there are still some people in this world who are holding on to the Amiga as a business rather than as a hobby... they will fall just like Commodore eventually.
But phase5 isn't even trying to be a business. If they've made any money at all, it's from scamming people into preordering cards they have no ability or intention to produce, or selling dud PCBs as was the case with Chucky. They haven't shown a single shred of evidence that would suggest they're actually capable of making anything, and have consistently threatened and insulted people who asked for details or challenged them. They refused to take payments via PayPal, they refused to issue receipts for purchases, they have no products for sale, no online store, and any public queries about purchasing anything are met with a requirement to discuss it over private mail.

Amiga Future magazine did a little investigating into them a while back and published an article on them. I thought they went a bit easy on phase5, but even still it was pretty damning: the registered business address didn't exist, the registered phone number didn't exist, the only possible communication was through their Facebook page, and they refused an interview. And, more recently, a court in Germany declared their claim to the phase5 trademark invalid, but instead of issuing a press release to explain what happened and how they'd fix it, they simply had Generation Amiga shut down to somehow try and keep it a secret. Bottom line, there's absolutely nothing about them that comes close to being a legitimate business.
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Lol, yes I did one time, and only once, ask when we could actually buy the new cards, as I would like a 060 for my amiga..
Instant ban on their facebook... no legit business would ever do that.

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Bren McGuire
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I'm far from a fan from this phase 5 dude myself, he is cancer, but let's keep it straight here: GenerationAmiga was a fan run site that more often than most made "news" up. So no real loss here.
The only ones losing here, it feels like, are real Amiga users.
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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
I had no love for Generation Amiga, and Korodny makes some good points, but one of phake5's tactics over the years was to draft solicitors' letters based on online templates and send them to anyone they didn't like with the hope of scaring them off.
Fair enough, thanks for the low-down on this mess. Seems GA are no saints either, and yes, their reaction seems a bit incoherent and perhaps hysterical, if phase5* was well known to use scaremongering BS (you'd think a news site would know that, being in the news business.)

I suppose there is a fine line between negative opinions and slander, with the latter being understandably actionable upon, if somebody really spreads misinformation which might hurt your business. On the other hand, it's a reviewers' job to deliver opinions and everybody has a right to a negative one. I don't care much about the big-corporate places like Twitter or utube, but it'd be scary if anybody could shake legal sticks at you for posting something negative on your own site.

For example, that thing with an Aussie dentist being pissed off at a bad online review and forcing google to reveal the culprits' personal details is rather ominous.

*that dude certainly seems like a right royal headcase/PITA
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As if that whiner is any better himself. Writing BS and when someone calls him out he's just as abusive as the überprick himself.

He's kicked out of numerous facebook groups and at one point he was in the Belgian Amiga Club group with a fake account writing weird things about our meetings being right-wing gatherings in disguise. No kidding. Oh and he also sent rants to Hyperion about me for whatever silly reason.

Weird f*ckers in this scene everywhere.
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Old 17 February 2020, 21:07   #27
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I know why this site has been taken down. The owner has copied the same strategy as Mr Gomez. When contacting the site owner with a suggestion for improvement/correction you get a ban... Gomez probably thinks he's the only one entitled to do this.
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Damn Atarists...
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It time for someone to start nextgenerationamiga.com or generationamigafirstclass.com
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Or Amigadegeneration.com
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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Or Amigadegeneration.com
Talking of degeneration or dégénération in French... a very good song: [ Show youtube player ]

(Apologies for being off-topic, but it's really a good song!)


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