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Old 19 April 2017, 10:27   #21
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I find it very difficult to choose between these two. Chuckie Egg brings nostalgic memories from the BBC micro at primary school, but I hate to play them both. :-D
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Old 17 May 2017, 22:47   #22
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Manic Miner is the winner gaining 51 votes to Chuckie Egg's 37.
Chuckie Egg was actually racing ahead in the early stages and was leading up to the mid 20's in votes but it was all down to the votes on the WOS forum site where they were clear Manic Miner fans by voting for that game in droves BUT everyone still had high respect for Chuckie Egg as no'one can deny it really is a great game and I myself prefer it over Manic Miner for It's sheer playability,...so bit sad it lost here.

Thanks for all who took part, the May 2017 edition will be up in a day or so.

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Old 17 May 2017, 23:25   #23
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Late to the party, but chuckie egg. And all those who said on the BBC - damn right!
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Old 18 May 2017, 20:12   #24
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My wife says Speccy Chuckie Egg.

I say Gods
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Old 18 May 2017, 21:24   #25
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Hehe, now that's a hard decision! Both bring memories from the MSX to me. I still have them both, along with a Toshiba MSX at home and I actually played them recently.

I will say Manic Miner but my sister would definitely say Chuckie Egg. She was obsessed with this game back when we were kids, to the point where she accidentally damaged the diskette (that's a story for another time). Anyway, good news for me because I suddenly got more time to play MSX ;p
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