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Question DMS and ADF booting...

why is it that so many of my dms files only boot if they're in the root dir of a drive?? It doesn't seem to matter at all with adf..
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I remember something a while back about problems with using DMS disks. Something to do with the total length of the filename (dir+filename itself). I don't know if the problem is with WinUAE or XDMS, as I only rarely use DMS images.
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I have always found booting from DMS files to be more trouble than it's worth. It only takes a few seconds to use DMS2ADF to convert the disk.
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Yeah..I'll just have to convert them as I go. Bit of a pain though as our Scene Archives CD's have over 11,000 dms files - OMG
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Someone on here some time back had a script that runs from DOS auto-converting DMS files from a batch file. Can't rememer who it was, but if I were to use such a file, I'd redirect the output to a file so that you can check for files which don't convert (DMS2ADF is touchy about certain compression types and certain types of DMS banners and will fail on them).
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good point I'll keep that in mind...thanx!
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I know this is a slow way of doing it, but create a blank ADF, load the DMS into WinUAE, and do a Diskcopy from DMS to ADF.

Slow but effective
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Ooo.. another West Aussie! How are ya mate..

Well the majority of these dms disks are nondos - but it HAS been a long time since I've seen the old X-Copy screen...

Hehe...sadly though I feel the novelty will wear off after the 100th disk or so...besides a large percentage of the dms's have worked since, so it ain't gonna be such a mission after all

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