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Help Learning C as nothing works


I have a few good books on programming the Amiga from a long time ago.

So during this lock-down I though I would make some use of them after all these years but I having set up WinUAE with SAS/C 6.58 , HiSoftC 4 and VBCC I am having no luck with any of the example code in the books without having to jump through hoops to 'correct' odd things.

Is there a general rule as to what might have changed with regards to struc calls etc. since OS 1.3 and the Lattice/Aztec C days so that I can easily spot and adapt the newer ways.

The Books I'm trying to use are;

Abacus Amiga C for Beginners (WB 1.3 , Lattice C v4)
The Wait Groups Inside the Amiga With C (WB 1.3 /Lattice C)

I also have;

Amiga Programmers Handbook - Sysbex (WB 1.2)
Abacus Amiga System Programmers Guide (1989)

Clearly the problems are with regards calling and using libraries and includes as the methods seem to have changed and generate errors and warnings on compiling.

Either a guide to changes or a better source of tutorial material / books would be useful.

If anyone can help it would be appreciated.
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What’s the best book for new Amiga C programmers in 2020? It would be nice if it focused on OS 3.1.4, OS 4.1 and MorphOS.
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Honestly, it might be better to look for more recent amiga books/documents online
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Post example source code (or photo).
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Attached file i'm playing with, using the default framework from the excelent Atom editors Amiga profile in Windows . The framework works fine, I added the Open Window code and got it to work , but not if I place the Window def in any other area as I would have thought. For example in Inside the Amiga with see they set up a prototype to open the windows by passing paramaters so it can be used to open as many windows as you want , but if I set that function code up anywhere in the framework it does not work ans says that the prototype is not defined for the function.

So I put the code inline and it all worked.

Now I added a close gadget to the window, and copied the code to loop until this is pressed but the InuiMessage gets complained as being found expected Message, so I added the Structure of IntuiMessage and it still complains.

If anyone can explain why in simple terms I would be grateful.
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Cross compile ^
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Message not MESSAGE, excessive semicolons, etc. Look carefully what compiler outputs during compilation, there is often line number and explained type of error. Also, bad coding like using system functions without checking their result is asking for a troubles.
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