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Bridgeboard A2088 Challenges - Cant save color settings and XTIDE issue

I have an A2088 bridgeboard. I have it all setup and running. I am using the Janus 2.1 amiga disks off the amiga hardware database.
A2000 full ECS machine. 2meg agnus. Workbench 3.1, PPS 040 with 32megs ram, IDE controller on the amiga (PIO mode) with 8gig IDE to SD adapter. 16 color desktop at 640x400 (in case it matters dont think it does).
Bridgeboard PC BIOS 3.5
Janus handler version 36.85
Janus Library version 36.83.
PCwindows ver 2.411 (the app you run to view the color or monochrome PC side)
Are there newer versions then above ^^ ??
For a hard disk I have linked up a 32MB virtual HD to my amiga disk.

Issue 1: The A2088 fires up fine and boots to C drive DOS 5.0 installed. When I open the PCWindow Color program to view the PC side All the dos colors are not correct. I have 16 color mode enabled but the colors are incorrect on 10 of the 16 colors (black, white, gray, blue and 2 others are fine). I correct the colors using the color tool and save the settings. Everything works fine and stays saved until the screenmode changes or I reboot the PC side. If I resize the PC window or save any other setting it saves except the colors. The colors will not stay. I did a minimal boot even just booting basic WB bypassing startup files. Are there newer versions of Janus or the PC windows tools? All I can think of is theres a bug in the PC windows tool or maybe the Janus versions. The only tooltype under the PC Color icon (which runs PCWindow) is DONOTWAIT. Maybe I need special tooltypes? This is a default install though I didnt fuss with anything so you'd think it would work out of the box?

Issue 2: I have an XT-IDE-CF Lite v4 card with an 8k xt-ide bios. I have tried many upper memory slots but the A2088 does not load the bios it doesnt even try. If I use Checkit for DOS to show the upper memory bios area the xtide bios does not show up at all. It does TRY to load the bios if I stick it at memory address:E000h but that overlaps with what is reported to be upper memory space. When I stick it there it says theres a checksum error. The card works fine in every other PC (XT, 286 and a 486 no checksum error).

I will insert an image of the A2088 memory map from Checkit. In this screenshot/example the XT-IDE-CFlite v4 is mapped to C000h but look its not showing up at all (again works fine in any other of the 3 PC's Ive tested from XT to 486).


Checkit memory map picture: https://imgur.com/a/lDeJXlJ

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I found some info on my xtide issue. I will try to follow the guidelines below. I think I screwed up on both the memory location and IO address I'll have to re-program the bios to look for the xtide-cf-lite in a different IO address then flip the jumpers. I'll have to move the XTIDE bios to C000h or another block of upper memory also. I'll try soon and report back.

Hopefully someone has ideas on the colors not saving. With that issue the bridgeboard cannot be used for asii and cga games since they all use color and resetting the color pallette every time the video mode changes is not a feasible option.

Here are the IO and memory ranges to avoid for expansions (from online doc I found)

Expansion Issues:
Here are memory locations, I/O ports and interrupts to avoid when adding PC peripherals.
Memory Locations to avoid:
A0000 to AFFFF: If Janus handler load segment is set to A0000 in PCPrefs.
B0000 to B1FFF: If Monochrome display adapter emulation is enabled in PCPrefs.
B8000 to BFFFF: If Color display adapter emulation is enabled in PCPrefs.
D0000 to DFFFF: If Janus handler load segment is set to D0000 in PCPrefs.
E0000 to EFFFF: If Janus handler load segment is set to E0000 in PCPrefs

I/O Ports to avoid:
3Bx If MDA emulation is enabled.
3Dx If CGA emulation is enabled.
3F0-3F7 If on-board floppy access is enabled.

Interrupts to avoid:
IRQ6 If on-board floppy access is enabled.

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To try and solve the colors not saving I booted into wb 1.3 and bridgeboard/janus version 2.0. Same effect booting off floppy with the older janus. This makes me think its got to be kickstart 3.1 possibly... or the ECS denise? But we are talking color selections saving.
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