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As I'm in the beginning of my Amiga-(re)experience, I still have the networking part very unclear to me. I got me a 3c589-driver and compatible pcmcia-card (checked from the docs). Now I also succesfully got me a ftp-client, but as a total noob I took the tcp/ip-stack for granted...

So, what stack should I get? Some of them seem to be "demo versions", so what is really working without some lame time restrictions? I also would like to have my Miggy to connect to my Samba-shares, but that's something I'll deal with after the basic networking works.

Running A1200/030@50/128MB/ClassicWb Lite 3.1

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AmiTCP is a bitch to configure, but it is faster than Miami, which in turn is easy to configure.

Keys to the stacks are pretty easy to find.
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Just picked up a Microsoft MN-520 PCMCIA wireless card from ebay for £6 all in. Looking forward to getting it working
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If the card is not a cardbus (i.e. 32bits - 3.3V card), slot it in the Amiga and run cardinfo (is built-in on CNET archive on Aminet): it will tell if the card is compatible or not.

Or do a Google search for the card's code on linux forums: they will show the card's chipset.

The Amiga can only use Wifi cards that have the prysm2 chipset.
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Old 30 May 2011, 23:55   #65
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List of supported cards

Hi guys,

I made an overview of wlan cards supported by prism2.device.
See attached excel file.
Attached Files
File Type: zip amiga wlan.zip (13.2 KB, 1197 views)

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Is there a list of compatible wired PCMCIA network cards for Amiga... I'm sure I saw one years ago.... I'm looking to get one on eGay

Unless someone can tell me how ridiculously easy the Amigakit one is or they have a demo or video so I can see whats involved in set up? A premium for genuinly easy set up is worth it
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Old 28 June 2012, 00:50   #67
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The (old) list from the author of cnet.device is here.
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Old 19 May 2013, 21:14   #68
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This is a list of hardware supported by more than one port of NetBSD. Many of the device drivers in NetBSD are machine-independent, so if a platform supports a Click here .
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So, back to CF/PCMCIA , anyone got a link to get a tested compatible such card for A1200 (from ebay for example)?
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Old 17 July 2013, 22:13   #70
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We have a tested quality card that will work on A1200 and A600 with the PCMCIA CF adapter: http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/...roducts_id=911
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Old 15 January 2019, 21:39   #71
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Hi all, new to the site so I hope posting in this old sticky is accepted behaviour. I've acquired a cheap Buffalo WLI-PCM-L11G WLAN card for my A1200 Bliz 030/32Mb so I can have a go at the networking side - shown as compatible with PrismV2.2 in the guide. I've read all I can find on here and a few videos as well but I've hit a brick wall. So far I've got the following:

1)Prism2 installed and connecting to my SSID via WEP. None of my 3 routers would connect via WPA/WPA2+PSK with TKIP or AES encryption. In WirelessManager VERBOSE mode, the SSID was skipped for "no WPA/RSN IE", can find little info on that other than mentions of firmware updates in the cards but can't seem to find any for the Buffalo card.

2)Cardpatch and CardReset TICKS 50 in startup-sequence

3)Power LED and Active LED on card blinking on WiFi scan, and power LED becomes permanent once connection is established.

4)Installed MiamiDX using latest aminet version, supplied installer. Configured using prism2.device, and network settings according to my local subnet configuration, with IP address for router (and thus gateway), for A1200 (outside of my DHCP range), set to static as DHCP client couldn't detect anything. Subnet mask set to (or "slash 24" as we say over the phone). So in Miami GUI, clicked Query card which detected MAC address as expected, I can then add an interface, and I appear to go online. However, although I can ping my loopback and my own IP address, I can't get a reply from the router at all. Tried a ruckus AP, which can show clients connected and packets received. In there I can see the chosen IP address for the Amiga, and as ping runs, you can see the number of packets transmitted increase AND the active LED on the card blinking at the same frequency as the pings, yet no pong is reported! Pinging the same router from other windows devices works just fine.

5) Tried AmiTCP latest aminet release (The demo) and set up according to the tutorials on here, got confused about "eth" in db/interfaces and "eth0" in startnet much like many others, sorted that and made them both eth0, so all running without errors, except for the "route add amiga localhost" line reporting "amiga: bad value", which I'm not too fussed about just yet as I only want to get a ping reply locally for now. Much like MiamiDX's symptoms though, I can ping, I can ping myself on, but again upon pinging the router on, the active LED on the card looks like it's sending pings, and the Ruckus Access Point picks up the IP of the Amiga as a client, the physical address, and you can see the number of packets transmitted tot up while ping is running, but again there is no reply in the command line, only the introductory "PING ( 56 data bytes" and the 100% packet loss message after a CTRL-C. Again I can ping and log into the routers and access points just fine from windows machines.
The weird bit is that I'm not even getting the ping continuously return a -1 that I saw so much while figuring out how to setup all the devices etc., so the lack of error messages leads me to believe that all the layers involved seem to be under the impression that they're working correctly, but clearly something is not getting passed along.

So I had a great day playing with this, just like the old days. Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone else, and is there something obvious I've missed? I'm on OS3.0 at the moment, and using the original 25W PSU. Sorry for rambling, I'm just really excited about spending another decade tinkering with stuff.

Update: Got AmigaKit OS3.1 chips installed, didn't fix the issue so that can be excluded. Got another prism2 card on the way, to try, next logical step I guess! Also found a Linksys E3000 router in a bag which has many individual controls for WPA/WPA2/TKIP/AES etc and am connecting with WPA2 now, still unable to ping anything other than myself though.

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Make sure that WirelessManager VERBOSE reports that it has established a TKIP connection, as your card does not support AES/CCMP (and possibly not WPA2 either). Failing that, try an unencrypted connection to check if it’s a WiFi or TCP/IP problem.
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Another option if you're struggling is to use Ethernet adaptor and plug in a Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridge
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Old 23 January 2019, 23:36   #74
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Your card only supports WPA/TKIP. You cannot use mixed mode. It will not work.
Set your router into WPA/TKIP mode - B/G or B/G/N at first. Install the prism2v2 drivers and try to associate with your router.
Check this thread:

These cards support WPA2/AES

This one as well:
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Old 29 January 2019, 14:55   #75
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Cheers for the replies folks, yes the Wirelessmanager prism2.device VERBOSE mode does associate and cease to list the various SSIDs once it reports a connection established, as above it looks like it should be working but I can't ping. I ordered another card that is reported to work and get the same thing so I'm led to believe now that there's a problem with my setup, such as something in the startup-sequence or a version conflict of some sort. I'll try without any security, and try with a plain ol' Workbench install now that I have some working CF cards to mess with. I'll report back the results as it may assist someone else in the future.
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