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Old 30 November 2002, 20:21   #1
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Please recommend Adventure Games

I am looking for graphical adventures (not text-only!), like Monkey Island or the Sierra games (Larry, Space Quest, Police Quest etc.).

I can probably find the ADF's but if you have some good titles please post them.
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Flight of the Amazon Queen
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Old 30 November 2002, 21:59   #3
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thanks, anybody interested can get Madhouse here

any other titles to recommend ?
Old 30 November 2002, 22:53   #4
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Indyana Jones and the fate of atlantis is probably one of the best adventures on Amiga.
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Old 30 November 2002, 23:06   #5
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Ok, I found Flight of the Amazon Queen, but the server was damn slow, so I am uploading the game in the zone. The files in the rar archived are TOSEC files:

Flight of The Amazon Queen (1995)(Interactive Binary Asylum)[cr HLM](Disk 01 of 11).zip


Flight of The Amazon Queen (1995)(Interactive Binary Asylum)[cr HLM](Disk 11 of 11).zip
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Since there was no request for this game, there is no need to up it to the zone If anyone doesn´t have this one and wants it, he will reply in this thread for sure, or open a request thread
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Old 01 December 2002, 00:20   #7
Mr Creosote
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More good Adventures:
Cruise for a Corpse, Dark Seed, Kult, Plan 9 From Outer Space, East vs West: Berlin 1948, Future Wars,........

No, I'm not requesting them (have them of course ), only recommending
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Old 01 December 2002, 22:18   #8
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The Shortgrey
Bargon Attack
Old 01 December 2002, 22:29   #9
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Beneath a Steel Sky
Simon the Sorceror
Curse of Enchantia
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Old 01 December 2002, 22:32   #10
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Search For The King
Altered Destiny (both games by Accolade)
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I sort of liked Bloodnet. It was a bit strange for an adventure game in that it had some fighting sequences in them (which I never figured out how to fight) and not really any importance on how you move about since you seem to be able to access everything on screen from everywhere unless something blocks your way.
Never really got into the Amiga game. I tried it but the controls seemed too different or something was missing compared to the PC version which meant I never figured out how to pick things up and put them in my inventory.

Another Adventure game you should try would be Dreamweb. Also a fairly unorthodox adventure game seeing as how the entire game is seen from above at all time. Another trait which didn't really fit into the classic adventure genre is the limited inventory space and the vast amount of junk you don't need. It's also a bit frustrating to play if you miss something. You can go somewhere and think you did it right and still be missing something critical. That's how I always got killed in the penthouse suite of the first hit. I never got my mail read and thus didn't go to my friend's appartment who would lead me to get a gun so I could only kill 1 guard with my fireaxe.
Here I'm going out on a limb though and saying that if you can get the PC version working you should use that instead as it has different and (in my opinion) better music to set the mood with. Still love the music and I'm fairly sad that I can't get it working anymore. Don't know why haven't changed any critical settings.
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Old 02 December 2002, 10:02   #12
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Don't forget these average and fameless adventures:

Maniac Mansion
Zak McKracken

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Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, Operation Stealth (Apart from some hair-tearingly tough arcade sequences), Lure of the Temptress, Universe, Legend of Kyrandia, Hook.
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Gobliiins 1,2,3
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