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Cyberstorm PPC SCSI problem

I have an A4000 (Super Buster 11) with Wide Ultra SCSI 3 hard disk attached to CSPPC SCSI.
For some reason the hard disk won't work in 16-bit mode.

The computer halts at the beginning of the boot. The hard disk led turns on but then nothing happens.
The screen stays black and the hard disk led active. Amiga won't even start to load anything from the boot partition.

The computer does boot if I jumper the hard disk to 8-bit mode using the narrow/wide jumper.
As far as I know the hard disk and the CSPPC should be 16-bit compatible?

This is the configuration used:
LVD/SE              CSPPC    LVD/SE      LVD/SE
active terminator            SCSI HDD    active terminator
The terminators have SE leds active if that helps anything.

Hard disk ID is set to 0. All other SCSI devices have been disabled on the CSPPC SCSI menu.
I have enabled TERMPWR on the hard disk.

Does anyone have any idea what's wrong here?
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Have you tried using a SE 16-bit SCSI cable and active terminator? (ie NON-LVD cable and terminators)
Attach CSPPC to one end of the cable, not in the middle (I know the CSPPC is not terminated)

What model drive is it?

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Your hardware cabling and termination setup sounds fine to me. Although some ppl have reported probs with lvd/se terminators. No idea why it doesn't work for some as lvd/se is supposed to be backwards compatible.

I run mine with an ultra320 (lvd/se) cable, with an lvd/se terminator at one end and a Acard AEC-7720UW as active terminator and supplying term power on the other end. Though it stillk works fine without a terminator at one end (prob fine if only 1 device on the chain).

There is a bios setting (from my memory) also for 8-bit/16-bit and asynchronous/synchronous. Maybe check if they change anything.

It would also be good if you could check another hard disk >4GB (if the current one is bigger than that) to compare if the same problem happens.
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The SCSI cable I have is a non-lvd/se cable. And I don't have other active terminators than LVD/SE ones.

I have tried disabling TERMPWR and also attaching CSPPC to the end of the cable but without success. Also the CSPPC bios settings for 8-bit/16-bit and asynchronous/synchronous didn't work either, I think I tried every combination.

I booted to Workbench using my old IDE drive while the SCSI drive was attached to the CSPPC. I ran the SCSI Tool which complained about invalid DMA transfer length. The error was something along the lines: DMA transfer length is longer than actual DMA transfer length. Either the unit or the UnitControl is faulty.

The drive is Compaq 18.2 GB 10000 RPM Wide Ultra SCSI 3, P/N 179450-001, Model MAJ3182MP.

I had to replace the drive with another one to get this thing to work. Currently I have a Maxtor Atlas IV 34GB and it works in 16-bit mode without any problems.
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Many older terminators are "passive", and some cheapo cables use decidely crap active terminators. Some crap LVD cables have no terminators at all.... anyway.

The Compaq is an old Fujitsu drive, these are normally quite reliable (imho, better than the rest).

Check that pins 11-12 are shorted, and 13-14 are open. Respectively these enable immediate spin-up, and disable narrow scsi.

One other to try is 15-16. When closed, it forces Single-Ended operation. By default, it shipped open, which follows DIFFSNS signal, ie try to operate in LVD mode. Try shorting it.

CSPPC should be set to synchronous, 16bit.

It might be that the drive is going faulty. Do you have access to a PC with a SCSI card - at least an UW card such as 2940UW, or 29160. Or a RAID controller. Fujitsu drive tools are still available and can interrogate the drive's SMART log.
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