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Originally Posted by Spyros
Glad to see you're still active Quazar!
I'll definitely order at least a ROM3 soon, because my Sam's got the old version.
That Trinity looks really nice too.
Cool! Doesn't look like it's yellowed with age much, so looks in excellent condition!

Happy to help with the ROM as and when, I'm still able to produce them with the ROM author's permission.

Since it's release in 2007 it's become so popular. Currently on v1.1 on purple PCBs it looks rather funky when plugged in the back!

Originally Posted by trixster
Hi @quazar! My Trinity is doing great!
Good to hear!

So much new stuff to come over the next six months or so!
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Originally Posted by dreamkatcha
Thanks. Sim Coupe looks like it hasn't been updated for five years, but still works perfectly in Windows 10.
With the source on github, it's still under active development.

Originally Posted by dreamkatcha
then realised that Sim Coupe works standalone, so I suppose the system ROM is built-in with the option to switch to a different version if you have the relevant file to hand.
Yeap, ROM3 (the system ROM with BASIC - the final version of the SAM ROM from the end of 1990) is built in.

Originally Posted by dreamkatcha
Great project! So, with the permission of the original authors, are you releasing games that would otherwise be lost forever? Or making already-circulated games available legitimately for the sake of respecting copyrights? Either way, it's an admirable pursuit and will no doubt open up the possibilities of sharing the system/games with a wider audience.
Of all the titles I've released on the coverdisk with SAM Revival magazine I think there's only one or two games that are out there "in the wild" on a download site or as part of an archive collection.

Copyright is something I respect, having produced so much hardware and software myself for the system with no plans to stop, so I approach it in a way to respect the original coders. I've done a lot of work tracking down authors to get permission to feature their old software on the cover disk, otherwise yes they could potentially be lost. They'd only exist as the original disks in the hands of a very small number of SAM owners who bought them back in the day. It's not all just re-releases either with the magazine, there's also brand new stuff on the cover disks as well.

The other titles I've bought the rights up to are also from people I worked with back in the 90s. Some of the games I've already featured on the magazine coverdisk with a few more ready for future issues. The larger titles will have standalone re-releases after small updates (to adapt for modern mass storage etc), new packaging etc. With these titles being SAM Coupe specific some are on my 'To-Do' list to potentially ported to the ZX Spectrum Next and I've the burning desire at the back of my mind to demake one or two for the original ZX Spectrum too.

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Great stuff, nice to hear that there are enthusiasts still keeping machines even as obscure as SAM Coupe alive.

This thread made me finally check out SAM's MiSTer core - seems to start up ok on my CRT. I will definitely check out your Revival disks
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