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My older brother used to have an Amiga back in the 80's which he used to let me play on. Im thinking of getting an amiga from ebay just for gaming and nostalgia. Which model should i get, apparently the 500 is good for gaming? And also, i intend to buy the games from ebay aswell, but, is it possible, that if there was a game i couldnt get a hold of, could i download the game file and place it onto a floppy disk for it to be read in the amiga? and also, my tv is 32 inch HD television, will the amiga plug into it? it has an RF port, and component, scart and composite, and what would it look like on there? my saturn and playstation look great, so does my snes.
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Graham Humphrey
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Welcome to EAB

Personally I think it would be better (depending on your budget) to go for an A1200, then get a hard drive and a memory expansion (4MB, say), and use WHDLoad. This lets you run games off hard drive that previously weren't able to, and fixes incompatibility problems with different Amiga models.

This would also mean that you could read PC floppy disks (720K-formatted) on your Amiga, which would allow you to download Amiga games and programs from the net on your PC and transfer them to your Amiga. There are better methods for this but this is the simplest.

Your Amiga should connect fine to your TV, I can't comment on what it would look like on your particular model.

I'm assuming you're relatively new to this Amiga lark, so maybe you should take a look at the FAQ, this should answer your questions better than I can
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Yeah, im pretty new, just some lovely memories of summer 1989, shadow of the beast, stunt car racer, buggy boy etc. So i'll try for the A1200 then. Thanks alot for the help.

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