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Ram-Disk is not a block device so can't use FFS. IIRC it creates it's own filesystem.
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Originally Posted by nogginthenog View Post
Ram-Disk is not a block device so can't use FFS. IIRC it creates it's own filesystem.
i just thought it might be a problem for others, using standard filesystems, like FFS - i only have PFS3 partitions, so i was just reporting.
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Toni Wilen
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RAM disk _is_ a filesystem
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Originally Posted by MoRetro View Post
Thanks for the info ALB42. I've downloaded the binutils-m1-bin-m68k.lha from Aminet. (http://aminet.net/package/dev/gg/binutils-m1-bin-m68k)
I've copied the strip binary to C: en did my test with the Mines demo
program. For the test i copied Mines to RAM: to save writing to my CF Card.
Then I used the following call c:strip Ram:Mines
The size went from 8,591,376 to 4,353,848 butes, almost the half.
After stripping the Mines program worked in the same way as before. (Still that mysterious suspend error when closing it!)
THen i used the switch you proposed "strip --strip-all Mines" The size went down 3,924,152 bytes. That's quite a lot

Nice to know that and i've noticed the difference when compiling without Lazarus components.

For a little program that's maybe a solution. But it is not desirable if someone would make a complex one with a lot of windows or interfaces in it.
I hope that one of these days you can attack this problem.

All the best,
Today I installed the latest M68K build and compiled the Mines program.
1) First of all the 'suspend reboot error' when quitting is gone
2) the size is now 2.312.420 bytes instead of 8,591,376 byteswithout applying the strip command!

Nice progress ALB42
I Wondered if the strip command would reduce the size even more?
Just did the striptest and the size is now1.668.804 bytes
The strip-all switch gave the same result.

All the best,

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Would like to Update Virtual Lazarus to the latest Lazarus & FPC version. How should I proceed?

All the best,
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OK, I see the link stating it would work on 1.3, but then later says it doesn't. Can I run on 1.3, if so which download?
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