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HDF creator


When dealing with hare dives, are the only two possibly cases are either :-

- shared directory (copy everything over to Hard drive folder (or specified folder)


- creating an HDF, transferring any files from host into shared directory, then using lha run on the Amiga to extract them to HDF file ?

Point being: regardless of either method, it all comes down to having to have it in shared folder. ?

I have files all over the place, so wondering weather to just point tho this one giant Amiga folder.... or create a folder on the host and dump everything into that as a shared folder to work with, Unless the AMiga can do wildcard searching ?
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Originally Posted by amiga_Forever View Post
[...] Unless the AMiga can do wildcard searching ?
What follows is only an appetizer.
Dig the net for more .

From AmigaDOS Inside & Out (Abacus/Data Becker, 1988)
5.2 Wildcards

Old Commodore users who upgraded to an Amiga miss the old * and ? wildcard characters. These characters made it possible to enter a shorter filename on the older generation computers (e.g., PET, VC20, C64). If the user wanted to erase the files named test (test1, test2, test3, etc.) from a disk, the Scratch command used in conjunction with the name test* deleted all these files, and any other files beginning with the letters "test"). If the user wanted to deal only with those data files whose names are five letters long, the question mark could be used (e.g., Scratch "test?"). A file named test1version in this case would remain untouched. The two wildcards can be combined.
Few example:


In this case all the files with the word "version" in them starting at the fifth position and having any letters after that are addressed. The following data filenames would fulfil the requirements of this example:


Those new to computers can get the idea of wildcards from these examples.

The number sign (#) can be used in place of the asterisk on the Amiga. The question mark looks for an exact character position in the filename. The # sign is as flexible as the asterisk. As you may know, a number sign in at the beginning of a filename sometimes means nothing more than a word or number. A numerical value is also expected behind it sometimes. For example, the Dir command can be enlarged by adding Test#3a so that it searches only for those filenames that start with Test and end in three A’s. This function is not patterned after the asterisk. If, instead of the number, you entered a question mark, the characters following the question mark would be ignored. The number sign combined with the question mark become the equivalent of the asterisk wildcard. For example, the following input displays all files in the directory ending with .info :

dir #?.info

A few examples follow. Their purpose should be to determine which of the filenames would be found given the Dir commands with the respective parameters.


Dir versions:
1. Cat?
2. C#?
3. ??????????
4. #?
5. Dog?????
6. #?Dog
7. ??#2s#?

The following would be the results if each of the above Dir commands were entered:

1: Cat.1, Cat.2
2: Cat.1, Cat.2, Catnip
3: Wiener_Dog
4: all files
5: no files
6: 1.Dog, 2.Dog, Wiener_Dog
7: Pussycat

The last example clearly shows that many combinations are possible as long as they make sense.

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