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Have a look here Vollldo : http://ale.emuunlim.com/guides/serial-transfer.shtml
You can get EasyTransfer on Aminet : http://aminet.net/package/comm/misc/easytransfer
Hope this works for you
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Thanks a lot TheCyberDruid, i hope too
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Originally Posted by Vollldo View Post
Waow thanks a lot DemonHellraiser
What is the original resolution (size and number of colours) of the picture on a1200 ?
It was 640x512 http://www.gfxzone.org/gallery_personal.html Then look at Danny gallery.

Has to be said that this pic rivals the "Space tits" one

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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
A 256 colour ILBM IFF might be easier for him to view
Not necessarily. Ham8 and 256 colors have the same number of bits per pixel. Any iff viewer for Aga will show Ham8 properly.
Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
and wouldn't change any of the original colours like a JPEG or HAM8 version would.
So the original is 256 colors? Didn't notice, and thought it was a 24 bit image
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This strategy really reminds me of the old German joke where the forwarding agent tells the customer, "Sorry, our last tractor trailer just left with a bouillon cube to Hamburg some minutes ago!!

Seriously though, I think you should take a lookout for AmigaExplorer!
(No it's not free, but if I was forced to pay for it because I couldn't find it anywhere, I'd even do it )
This handy Cloanto program is able to transfer single files without much fuss.

"NComm", albeit not the easiest terminal software in the world to set up (but free this time), would be a very good alternative too.

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Thanks for all guys !
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Originally Posted by Vollldo View Post
Tell me if i'm wrong: i just have to copy this file on a standard ADF disk and view it in the workbench (with the correct resolution of course), right ? For ex with multiview ?
I don't think Multview is good for viewing these kind of single pictures. I'd rather use some dedicated image viewer like Visage or whatever there were.. I've forgotten
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Not sure if anyone's interested, but Danny's Space Tits is another one of those gems that I have magically up-scaled to 2532 pixels wide @ 300dpi so I can print & frame them (Near perfect & not pixelated or softened). They can also be used as wallpapers for modern resolutions, but I am yet to decide how I want to do them. You can find some examples in this thread HERE
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Well it sure is nice to be kept "abreast" about such things

Very fine artwork too
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This is a full size, cropped for EAB, with original overlayed in it's pixelled form and my upscaled version showing through in the red boxes.

The image above is a much higher resolution to HD (1080x1920 px) so once it's scaled back it should, or rather will, look even better. Obviously my method doesn't get everything right, but dammit it's bloody close.
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