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Lightbulb Help with slowing down a game

Hi all,

I am currently messing around with one of my favourite Amiga games of old - Biplane Duel from Peter Mason (a old PD game runnable from the CLI). It was featured on Amiga Format coverdisks twice (once as old 2 player only version - (with full version of Interphase), second as 1/2 player version (with Mega-Lo-Mania demo).

I am playing around with the 1/2 player version, first the exe needs to be unpowerpacked.

I tried ReSource to dissasemble it but had no luck until I tried IRA dissasembler. Upon re-assembling with Devpac it works fine.

I want to do some mods to it as part of learning assembly, I've already added some mouse waits/pause routines, unlimited points etc... which is about as far as my assembly skills go at the moment !!

The problem I have (and with the original game) is that it runs tooooooo fast on a A1200 config. So every time I test it I have to switch to a A500 mode or decrease speed of WinUAE. I thought I may as well speed fix it for A1200+ first and release to all before embarking on modifying it and possibly doing a 1<>1 exact PC conversion - the ones I've seen so far are crap !!!

Can any of you experienced 68k heads tell me the best approach of slowing a game down so it is the same speed across all M68xxx processors, what code to use etc... Examples would be great.

I have not posted the game or the dissasembled code I have so far as I would rather do the mods myself and learn - just a pointer in the right direction would be nice.

Thanks in advance

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