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That would unfortunately mean losing the CD Audio tracks.
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Originally Posted by Pleng View Post
That would unfortunately mean losing the CD Audio tracks.
Indeed. However alot of games, have a full back mode and play the original music if they are normal amiga game ports.
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Yea. The first game I was wanting to play was Bubba 'n' Stix. In the floppy version you have to choose between music or SFX, but in the CD version you get both.
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I remember these options on games. Always assumed it was due to memory on Amiga you couldn't have both lol
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Nope. It was due to the Paula sound chip 'only' being able to play 4 sounds at any one time. In the CD32 versions the music could be premixed and played via the CD's audio output, freeing Paula up for the sound effects.
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I'm trying to use this on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 phone with an Ipega bluetooth gamepad. The joystick fire button doesn't seem to work on this phone, not even using the virtual buttons. How do I get it to work?
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Hi Lubomyr
First I want to just say thank you for all the ports you are doing I've had fun this weekend playing around with them,
I have a couple of issues/questions that I wanted to run by you.

1a - Will you be doing any more with thus emulator? I am using an MX3 TV box and this emulator works great on it. I am using a hd-dir of my real amiga and this is the only one of the emulators that gives me an experience just like being on the real thing. The resolution on the others is very flickery and the compatibality isn't as good. I can also get AB3d2 TKG and Breathless running real well on this. The main thing I'd like to see is the rest of the options in the gui menu implimented.

1b - If no more is to be done which of the ports would you recommend I follow your progress on?

2 - Real mouse control - I understand android os doesn't let you hide the mouse but can it be made so the amiga cursor follows the android cursor? In workbench it follows it fine but in games it looses it. Many times in something like Cannon fodder I was looking at the wrong arrow

3 - Keyboard controls - Is there a way to use cursor keys on a usb keyboard so they behave like real amiga cursor keys withot having to remap the joystick controls? Some games I can't play because I need to use cursor keys and currently there is no way to change to them. In your other emulators where the guis are finished (UAE4All2.0) I have to keep switching between custom controls.

4 - 2 Players -will this ever be possible?
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1. I Really don't know when and which emu I will be do update.
I tried to implement JIT for this emu but still without success.

2. Synchronize position of mouse pointers between real and emulation environment theoretical is possible, but practical it too hard for implement.

3. When i developed gui i had some plans with implementing custom controls, but it been postponed to future releases.
Maybe it can possible to use via manual editing config file. But i don't know.

4. Not ready to answer. I don't know.
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Thanks for the answers
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Is the apk available somewhere else?
The download link doesnt work anymore. I did find a link for the january release though.
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How do you make the mouse cursor correspond to the touchscreen etc I see a lot of people complaining about this.
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