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A1200 not booting, PSU or something else?

I decided to see if my old A1200 still works. I booted it successfully a few years ago, but since then it has been in storage again. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to boot now.

The green power light comes on and the floppy drive clicks once, then the LED immediately goes out, then after half a second, the process repeats. The LED is not flashing like when you get a Guru meditation, the entire system just keeps toggling itself on and off.

The accelerator card had a coin cell battery, but it looked fine (not bloated or leaking or anything). I've removed it anyway. I also tried without the accelerator card installed, but the same thing happens. I looked inside the system, and I can't see any obvious faults or problems, no leaking capacitors or corrosion or anything like that.

I'm using an original A1200 PSU. I also tried with A500 PSU I have laying around, but nothing at all happened when turning it on. I don't even know if any of those PSU's work, since I don't have another system to test with. Is the mainboard dead, or is it more likely to be a PSU problem? Anything more I can try? I'm a bit anxious to open the PSU due to the risk of shock. Would it be worth it to buy another PSU?
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There could be a short somewhere, but it'll be a fairly fundamental fault for those sort of symptoms to show. It could also be the PSU (or PSUs) being faulty - they have capacitors too that can fail, and at least some types are susceptible to failure from being hit or dropped due to the poor mounting of heatsinks. If you have a multimeter you can check the outputs to see what they're like, though it's not always a reliable indicator without having the computer itself attached too.

If you haven't worked with mains stuff before, you're probably best off not opening the PSU as there's a small chance of a stored charge. Chances are though that it's totally safe when it hasn't been plugged in for a few minutes.
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