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Well done!

There are a bunch of tools in this archive:


Dont run the installer, just use the various tools and demos

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- What program can I run to test the Sonnet CPU without needing Warp3D?
Amigenerator is a good one, it will run at 100% CPU and you know Picasso96 is working, see wiki for launch options.
Then WarpSNES if that works then AHI is working properly.
If you just want command line utilities as Trixster says Cyberpi from the WarpUP package is nice and simple, Hedeon has his results 80 or so pages back.
Dnetc is good also with -bench option you can compare to 060s and other platforms.

- After that I will install mediator Warp3D drivers (From the Mediator CD?)
- Do I have to put the Mediator Envarc Warp3D to Yes ? In https://github.com/Sakura-IT/SonnetA...ki/Good-Config it states Warp3D = No
Yes use the ones from the Mediator CD-err I think, Hedeon?
Yes Warp3D=No (crazy innit?)
- Then my most favorite games will be Wipeout & Payback (although I saw still some payback issues)
- I'll also install some FPS I guess
You could try BOR for some beat em up action that I uploaded to Aminet and we talked about a couple pages back with some mods.

Then maybe Mame or Neo Geo games, both run pretty much flawlessly-though it might be confusing to determine which games are supported by the very old versions we have available.

Descent Freespace is pretty nice, makes you forget for a little while you're running something that pretty on an Amiga.

By the time you get bored with all that somebody should have released some thing NEW AND AMAZING WITH HEAVY EXCITEMENT AND MANY CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!11!!!11!one1
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Payback suffers heavily from banging the audio hardware. If you set sound volume to 0 you'll see the difference.
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