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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Yeah but the scanlines would be wrong, vert games have vertical scanlines. I just wonder how it would look, I want to build a machine like this but I dread the thought of having to rotate the monitor so much, that I am thinking of eventually making two machines, one vert, one horizontal.
Yeah...I did have that problem initially, but I got hold of the version of MAME which supports software emulated scan lines and it seems to work fine on the verticals... to be honest there's only really the Namco stuff that I play in vertical... everything else I spend any time on is horizontal so not too much of an issue :-)
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Wouldn't you then have both real horizontal and emulated vertical scanlines?
I'd be interested to see this.

Sorry about the nagging about this detail, but it is important to me

Also interested in knowing how the screen scales in such a screen, what resolution is the arcade monitor working at? 640x480?
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Originally Posted by aysel View Post
Haha... its certainly not the theft element I associate with... more the urge and inability to resist obtaining items that I don't actually really need, for example six A500's is probably five more than I actually need
It's never too late for a re-brand! ...

Good news, this domain is available

On Sale £1.99* .COM

*when you register for 2 years or more.
1st year price £1.99* Additional years £9.99*
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Well the sun finally came out so I got to photograph some new systems I picked up recently and added to the website.

Added 060 A4000T I have just built, A1000, C128D and a Pet 8032 which I just did a complete restoration on including a respray at a car body shop


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