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Enhanced screenshot features

It may be that I just don't really know how to use WinUAE but I am unable to use my Mac keyboard (aluminium, USB) to get a screenshot capture (to file or clipboard). I use Windows 7 on a PC (not bootcamp), but I use my Mac keyboard with it. It's just so much nicer than anything made for PC's.

A nice feature would be to be able to assign a key combination for taking a screenshot.

I am taking screenshots to create a map of the games I play to support the preservation side of the Amiga community.

Another feature that would be nice is to be able to have WinUAE automatically take screenshots every second or two.

If there are already ways of doing these things please let me know as I am a newb with WinUAE and would appreciate the help.

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You can already assign the screenshot grabbing function in the Input configuration of WinUAE. I use a joypad button to grab screenshots which WinUAE saves as a file.
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Here is a WIP version of a guide to set custom keys to things like taking a screenshot, that should used for the new FAQ on that matter for HOL (sorry, it is not custom for you but I don't have time right now)


First, you will need to make your own custom configuration, although you can ofc use the default Winuae default configurations as a basis.

Go to Input panel. In the top left drop down box, you should see "Game Ports Panel". If you let things like that, Winuae will use the keys/devices selected in the Game Ports section (the third section in Host).
This not what we want, so you will need to put Configuration #1 in the dropdown box (you can use #2 and #3. They allow you to have different keyboard types defined that you can quickly switch between. For instance, you could prepare a QWERTY and an AZERTY layout if you happened to play some games in French and some in English).

In the right dropdown box, you will then need to select the device you want to remap a key for custom events. In the example, I use a keyboard.
Not sure if you can use your Xbox Controller on your PC, but I have a joypad that has several buttons and I use some of them for Winuae. So you are not limited to the keyboard.

Next, it would be a good idea first to think of keys/buttons that would not be used by the game you want to play (or more generally by any game), so that you won't be redefining a key that is used by the game.
I believe that Tab and the key above it are good candidates. Numpad keys are also seldom used.

Once you have decided, you will need to find the Input Source (the actual key from your keyboard) that you want to be remapped. By default, it will be remapped as a virtual Amiga keyboard key (Input target).

Your goal is to change the Input target to a custom event.

However, to make things easy in remapping, Toni has included Test and Remap. So to locate the keys (Input Source) you want to remap in the list, you can click on one of the button and press a key. You will then be sent to this key.
Test let you test several keys (end the test with F12) and Remap does a full remap of one key.

So Remap is what you will more likely use. When you do that, you will have some choice in the dropdown box on the left of Test and Remap.
You can select other virtual keysfor example.
What we want however are the events that are located at the last quarter of the list (a lot of them so it might be a bit confusing at first).

First one you want is "Screenshot (file)".
Then (in order of the list) you might be interested in "Warp mode". If you don't know about it, it is a turbo (Winuae runs at at least double speed) that is sure not to break anything (unlike the disk speeding options). Very useful to reduce loading times, mandatory intros etc... One key press toggles warp mode and another goes back to normal speed.
Finally, you will find "Toggle windowed/Full screen".

You don't need to if you want to use the keys immediatly, but you'd better save your configuration so that you don't have to do the remap next time.
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thx. I thought it was probably just my lack of understanding on how to use WinUAE.
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Toni Wilen
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You can misuse autofire as a repeating screenshot feature by configuring screenshot key to toggle autofire mode and setting autofire rate slow enough

(If you don't need "real" autofire mode..)
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Awesome. Autofire is a great idea. Thanks.
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