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GamesMenu isn't updating

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to install ClassicWorkbenh 68k and WHDLoad-games on a CF-card for my A600, and are somewhat successful.

Everything seems to work, except for the GamesMenu...
The preinstalled game "Bloodwych" shows up on the list, but if I add games to the C:Games (DH0) via DOPUS, and then "add games" in the files folder, it appears to update the list but nothing gets updated.

I have a registered WHDLoad, and if I just click the game-icon in the game folder, it start up without problems, in Winuae and on the actual A600.

I have 98 step-by-step pictures from my installation, if you should request to have a look

I'm NOT an AmigaDOS guru, so PLEASE be gentle
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Still need help...
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Perhaps this video will help you http://classicwb.abime.net/classicweb/features.htm
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Yeah only seems to me that your assigns are not correct.
By default ClassicWB has a Games and Demos folder under SYS: partition.
If you check out the S:Assign-Startup file you'll see that Bloodwych is always using the assign declarations A-Games and A-Demos. That was a clever way to make his Menus and Buttons to work everytime, even if some user wanted to put the Games and Demos folders to other spots or partitions.
If for example you have putted Games folder under C:Games (based on your post) then you should change your Assign-Startup file having the correct assigns like:
Assign >NIL: A-Games: SYS:C/Games
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Old 19 April 2012, 23:40   #5

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Sorry I haven't been around much lately to help - started a new job and it's been a knightmare getting free time between training.

As mfilos says, you have to make sure you are placing the games in either "DH0:Games" (default location) or change the A-Games: assign in the "DH0:S/Assign-Startup" file to point to your game files.

It shows you how to do that about a minute into the 1st tutorial vid: http://classicwb.abime.net/classicweb/tutorials.htm

Also shows you how to scan repositories using iGame.

Another error you may be making is leaving the WHDLoad titles in zip format - have you decompressed all the individual WHDLoad games zips into the corrosponding games letter drawers?
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Old 24 April 2012, 22:16   #6
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Thanks guys, but still no luck...

I'm really not lucky with this... Also trying to install CWB Full for an A1200, and a lot of problems there also...

I really need a video showing step-by-step incl. whdload setup, acatune etc.

Are there such a video, and am I just looking in the wrong place?


OK with a lot of patience and trying again again and again and with some help, I have now managed to install a perfect working CWB Full with registered WHDLoad and gamesmenu and ACA1231........... Everything working PERFECT!!!

I think I will start from scratch with the CWB 68K for my A600 tomorrow.... Now.... ZZZZleeeeep!

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Click on Files folder on Workbench screen and then click AddGames and it will update them..
Works for me..
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