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A Good Different type of Space invader for AGA

Tosec PD
Evil Insects (1994)(Fantasy Freaks)(AGA)[HairWare].ADF

Evil Insects
Year of the first release : 1994
Number of disks (or CD) : 1
Number max of players : 1
Simultaneous max players : 1
Language : English
Hardware : AGA
Amiga original game : yes
Have SPS release : no
WHD install : no
HD install : Copy files to HD
copy the EvilInsects font files to your FONTS: directory.
If it's not already present, then also copy Diskfont.Library to LIBS:
License : PD Freeware
Category : space invader
Artist - coder : Matthijs Hollemans
Notes : Coded in Blitz Basic 2
From Docs.Guide on Disk


...and you thought your mother-in-law was evil...

©1994 Fantasy Freaks
Created by Matthijs Hollemans

It all happened in the year 1999 when a small Asian country was testing
some nuclear bombs. Because of the strong winds, the nuclear fall-out
was spread over large parts of the world. The effect on human beings was
minimal, but suddenly all insects started to mutate into very BIG insects
and they started to sting everybody and everything they could. All their
victims started to mutate into BIG insects too, and soon the world was
crowded with those EVIL INSECTS.

The government advised everybody to stay inside. The army and navy could
not do much about the insects. Conventional weapons had no use anymore,
nor had nuclear ones. Nothing seemed to be able to destroy the insects.

You happened to be in some library in Greece when all of this was
happening. Because of the danger you were forced to stay inside the
library and you were trying to find a nice book to pass the time. Then
you saw an old book about the ancient Greece. As you flicked through the
pages you discovered that in those old days the people from Greece had the
same problem, only what made them so evil then was the spell of an
evil magician.

The book said that to destroy those insects a temple was built. The
ceiling of this temple was made out of magic stones. If such a magic stone
would fall on an insect, the insect would be destroyed. The book also
contained a secret map to the temple and a description of how to build a
device to lure the insects to the temple.

Armed with your self-made gun, the map and the device you try to find your
way to the temple. As you arrive there, you turn on the device and you
wait for the insects to appear. Your task to clear the world of these EVIL
INSECTS begins...NOW!

NOTE: This game will only run on AGA-machines, such as the A1200, A4000
and CD³² !!!

The game automatically boots if you insert the disk in the drive and reset
the machine, but you probably already know that. The game will also run
from Workbench, but you'll have to load from your Workbench disks first,
or from your harddisk.

To run EVIL INSECTS from the shell, you must first make the drawer in
which EVIL INSECTS is located the current directory. So if EVIL INSECTS is
in the drawer DH0:Games/ you have to do the following:

1 cd DH0:Games/
1 EvilInsects

Harddisk Installation
I have not included a harddisk installation script or program.
To install EVIL INSECTS on harddisk use a program similar to DirectoryOpus
DiskMaster, MultiTool or use the Shell.

* Make a new drawer on your harddisk (called EvilDudes or something).
* Be sure to copy these files to that drawer:

EvilInsects (The game)
Docs (Documentation)
Docs.Guide (AmigaGuide documentation)
Source.Asc (Blitz2 source code)
GFX1 (Data files)

* Also copy "C/PPmore" to your C: directory if it's not already there.
* Also copy the EvilInsects font files to your FONTS: directory.
(Fonts/EvilInsects, Fonts/EvilInsects/8, Fonts/EvilInsects.Font)
* If it's not already present, then also copy Diskfont.Library to LIBS:

The objective of the game (as you may have understood from the storyline)
is to kill insects. To do this you have a gun, but with this gun you can't
kill those insects directly. You'll have to shoot at the ceiling, from
which a magic stone will fall. This magic stone is able to kill an insect.

When you fire your gun, the main character will aim at the ceiling with an
angle of about 45 degrees. This means that you cannot aim yourself.
It's kinda hard to explain but it works very fine, just check out the game
and you'll soon be familiar with the principle.

You control the main character with the joystick in port 1, this is the
port next to the one you usually plug the mouse into.

You can move the joystick LEFT and RIGHT to run. To shoot, press FIRE.
You can only shoot when there is no magic stone on the screen. This means
that if you just fired your gun, you'll have to wait until the magic stone
disappeares from the screen.

Not always will a stone fall from the ceiling, only if the main character
aimed at the ceiling.
You will always fire in the direction you last moved in.
You cannot be hit by a magic stone that falls from the ceiling.

In every level there are insects making the place somewhat dangerous. They
will drop projectiles. When these projectiles hit you, you lose a life.
Each of these projectiles will have its own randomly determined speed, so
watch out. In the later levels, the insects will move faster and drop more

When one of your magic stones hits an enemy, the enemy dies. You will be
awarded some points depending on what the enemy looked like.
Sometimes a dead insect drops a power-up. These can be :

* Extra Life - you are allowed to die once more (WHITE)
* Extra Speed - you can run faster (GREEN)
* Extra Stone Speed - your stones will fall faster (BLUE)

Each power-up is also worth some points.

This game consists of 50 levels. If you complete them all, you are one
serious motha. But I doubt it, because even I have not completed them all
without cheating...

Each time you happen to die, you will lose a life (how obvious), but you
will also lose some extra speed you had and also some extra stone speed
you had.

When the game is over or you have completed the game, and your score is
quite good, you will be given a place in the highscore-table. To end the
entry of your name, press RETURN or FIRE.

During the game you can use the following keys:
ESC - return to intro
P - pause game, press P again to unpause

Pressing ESC during the intro will quit the game and return to Workbench.

Get this straight: I'm not responsible for anything that might happen to
you or to your computer as a result of playing this game. I am saying this
because some of my beta-testers tried to put me behind bars because they
had mutated into green insects after playing a test-version. I hope I have
fixed this bug in the current version, but I'm not sure.

This product is HAIRWARE. This means that if you like it, you'll have to
send me a wig, because the number of hairs on my head has recently been
reduced to an unacceptable level. I prefere dark colours.

Alternatively, you could send me some stuff you did yourself or something,
I don't really care what it is, as long as it doesn't completely wipe out
my harddisk. Postcards are fine too. A safe of which you lost the key will
do as well, or even your Cindy Crawford-look-a-like sister.

As far as I know all stuff on this disk I didn't create myself (the sound
samples) are Public Domain, at least that's where I got them from.
Correct me if I'm wrong please.

You may use the sound samples, the source and the font in your own
creations. You may NOT use the graphics and the music module. (Neh Neh)
It's fine with me if you want to release another version of EVIL INSECTS
based on the source of this one, but please don't call it EVIL INSECTS,
call it something else. It's also fine with me if you use parts of the
source for your own games or something.

OK, this game was completely written in BLITZ 2 from ACID Software.
using an A1200 with a 130 MB Harddisk.

The graphics were all made with DPAINTIV AGA from Electronic Arts, except
for the font which was made with FED from a Workbench 1.3 Extras disk.
The EvilInsects icon was created with DPAINTIV and converted with John
Scheibs IconMaster program.

The music was made with ProTracker 3.10B and converted to MED format using

The samples were edited with SuperSoundIV from David O'Reilly.
The disk was put together with DirectoryOpus4 from InovaTronics.
The documents and scripts were created with GoldED from Dietmar Eilert.

I probably used some other programs but I'm not going to name them,
because I can't remember which ones I used.

EVIL INSECTS was coded in 1 week with another week for the graphics. I
did not have much to do anyway, although I should actually be on the look-
out for a holiday-job. I still have to go to school next year, you know.
It would be nice to have some money then.

Anyway, I would really like to thank my dad, Ies, because he bought most
of the stuff listed up there, and much more. Without his money and strange
interrests, I would have never had this passion for computers. Thanks dad!

I'd like to say hi to all of my friends, especially the two other Fantasy
Freaks, Paul and Arnold, Guido for dropping by half an hour ago and
testing the game, Frank (someday you're gonna play together with Steven
Tyler...), René (my 'big' brother), my mum and all the rest of you guys.

If you've got something nice to say or to give away, contact me at:

Matthijs Hollemans
The Netherlands
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Good as puzznic clone for 1.3

Tosec PD
Exit-13 (19xx)(Quigley, Ian)(SW).ADF

Year of the first release : 1993
Number of disks (or CD) : 1
Number max of players : 1
Simultaneous max players : 1
Language : English
Hardware : OCS-ECS
License : shareware
Category : puzzle (puzznic)
Artist - coder : Ian Quigley
Notes : A game programming diary is included with source on disk
from ReadMe.DOC on disk

There are one or two bugs in the program. On Version 2.04 workbench, the quit
and save routine occasionaly fails. Secondly, for some wierd reason, you can't
save your possition, when your at level 081 ??

To get the game re-compiled, you'll need to strip out all the escape codes.
This shouldn't be to hard with a Search and Replace routine in a WorkProcessor.
Also, you'll need to de-arcive the .LZH files. I used 'LZ' from the coverdisk
of 'Amiga Computing' so you should be able to get hold of a copy no problem.
But remember, you recompile At Your Own Risk. (Although I doubt you can d that
much damage).

Ian Quigley (AKA: DAMAGE)
This Disk is SHAREWARE.
If you like it then please send 5 pounds to;
Ian Quigley

If you want any help with any of the actual 68000 code then
(if you have paid the shareware fee) send an SAE to me. But
please keep questions brief, as I have a busy life. Also,
if you just want to write, feel free.
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Actually a good AMOS pacman.

Tosec PD
Maze Man (1993)(Mr. E Software).ADF

Year of the first release : 1993
Number of disks (or CD) : 1
Number max of players : 2
Simultaneous max players : 1
Language : English
Hardware : OCS-ECS
Amiga original game : yes
HD install : Copy files to HD
License : PD Freeware
Category : pacman
Artist - coder : Steve Eaborn
Notes : Coded in AMOS

Short: MrE's Compendium *WITH SOURCE*
Author: Steve Eaborn <eaborn@>
Uploader: Steve Eaborn <eaborn@>
Type: game/misc

These are a collection of games that won Reader's Games and Reader's Vote
in Amiga Format a while back. They are all here except for Scramble, the
source to which I lost when I upgraded my Miggy

They have all been re-compiled with the new amos.library, so if they didn't
work before, they should now.

The games are:

MazeMan - PacMan clone. Eat the dots. 16 levels.
Missile - Missile Command clone. Protect the cities from the ICBMs.
Patience - Single player card game.
ReelSkill - Pub fruit machine simulator.
Connect4 - Make a line of 4 to win.

The AMOS source is included just in case you might be remotely interested in
how I made these games. Note that no extra extensions are used, and although
written in Amos Pro, they should be compatible with 1.3.


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Another James Lean game (he who did tractor beam) this time an adventure called Just BOX
Tosec PD
Box v1.25 (1993)(Lean, James)(SW).ADF

Year of the first release : 1993
Language : English
Hardware : OCS-ECS
Amiga original game : yes
HD install : Copy files to HD
License : Shareware
Category : Text Adventure
Artist - coder : James Lean
Notes : Coded in Amos
from introduction file on disk


Doran sat back on the simple wooden steps of his family home
and stared out across the crimson lake. The sun had half-set and a
gentle breeze blowing off the water caught his long dark hair and blew
it into his eyes. Brushing it out of the way he sighed and fixed his
eyes on the flock of birds just visible on the water near the horizon.
What was he going to do about the harvest? He had to do it but it was
so boring. What about the wine? He had promised his father that he
would help. What about his ambitions? What ambitions? They had sunk
along with Dilys in the spring. Nothing really seemed worth
bothering about now.
"Get off your backside!" The remark came from below Doran, and
he looked down to see a small robin sitting on the bottom step
squarely looking up at him. The wind must have been playing tricks.
Doran was quite tired. "I said get off your backside and do
something." There was no doubt this time; he had seen the robin move
its beak.
"Why are you talking to me, robin?" he asked, not really sure
what to say. Was he really talking to a robin?
"You're feeling sorry for yourself and wasting time. Either
tell me why or get up and do something positive." The robin seemed
quite snappy. Doran thought for a moment and then asked,
"Do you really want to know why I am so fed-up?" The robin
nodded. "Ok, come and sit here and I'll tell you." Without another
word the robin hopped up two steps and sat down on the edge of the
third, beside the boy with its legs dangling over the side. It looked
sideways and up at him. Doran took a deep breath and began to tell his
small listener about his birth-betrothal to the blacksmith's
daughter, Dilys, and how three months before the intended wedding
she had died in a boating accident while on the lake with her
father. Now everything seemed rather pointless and unnecessary. Just
a drag. When he had finished the robin sighed a small sigh and said to
"What you really need is something to do. Ok, she died, but so
what? She's not that dead; I can go see her every day if I want to.
Infact, I ordered her death. She doesn't really mind you know." Doran
turned to the little bird with sudden anger and realisation. "Yes,"
replied the robin to his look, "my name is Gorm, ruler of the Gods
of Everything, and ruler of you as well. Dilys' death was a planned
event to prepare you for the task for which you were born. You are
to undertake the Quest for Residence." Doran could hardly believe
what he was hearing. The Quest for Residence was something that
modern villagers dismissed as legend, the great test for an individual
of mind, body and courage whose prize was to become a god.
"Are you sure that you have the right person?" asked Doran,
beginning to get slightly nervous. The robin, Gorm, replied simply,
"Yes. Your quest will begin when you wake tomorrow." He flew
away across the lake into the almost-set sun.

from Box.doc on disk

Idea conceived, designed and programmed by James Lean
(c)1993 James Lean

1 Introduction

Box is an interactive adventure novel in which you guide the
main character, making his decisions and interacting with the world
about him. Interaction is achieved through an advanced text-only
interface which can understand plain(ish) English sentences entered by
the user. This document file contains all the information nessecary to
start playing the game, as well as various technical details
about the program itself.

A quick note from the author:

My most recent adventure game prior to this one is Life
After Death, which some people may have played. Well, Life After Death
is an ant and Box is an elephant. A rather grand and complex
elephant at that. It is the product of nearly a year's work, on and
off, which is reflected by the 300k long source code and the wierd
version numbers. It is currently a sort of shareware (described
later on), and I am quite happy for copies of it to be passed on.
If you want to get straight into playing the game then do,
although it might be a good idea to look through the 'useful verbs'
section of this file first. It must always be remembered that Box is
written mainly for the experienced adventurer, and the complexity of
the game only really shows itself after the first ten locations or so.
If you get stuck on these then don't worry; you can register the game
with me and ask for help.
Box should work on all Amigas with 1MB or more of memory.
If you have a 512K Amiga, then see the end of this file for a way of
possibly loading the game.
Apart from that I don't think there is much more for me to
say except enjoy playing!

James Lean

2 Playing the game

As described at the start of each game, you control a young
man from a gods-fearing village beside a lake. You have decided to
undertake a challenge which only a few have ever dared try, a
challenge set out by the Gods of Everything who rule the world. If you
succeed you may be granted a place in the high palace, and even become
a god yourself. If you die you will fail, and if you fail you will
die. At all times the gods will be watching you, and at the end of the
game you are required to attend a trial which will decide whether or
not you deserve the honour of succeeding. Everything you have done up
until that point will be taken into account, and your moral conduct
will be scrutinised.

2.1 Philosophy behind playing

Box is a world. Characters live in it. You are a character.

2.2.0 The parser

The parser in box is quite sophisticated, and should be able
to understand most of your requests. It works on the assumption that
every sentence contains a verb, and possibly a noun and a second
object. This means that the following sentences are all valid:

This game uses a shared parser system, in which the actions of
every character in the game are handled by exactly the same pieces of
program. This means that everything is fair as everybody (including
yourself) runs under the same set of rules. For example, when a
character wishes to open a door, it sends the sentence "OPEN THE DOOR"
to the parser, just as you would. It is then handled in the same way.
This system allows great flexibility in character control, such as
providing the possibility of asking other characters to do things, or
even taking over their bodies completely.
See the technical details section at the end of this documentation for
more information.

- Special commands and useful verbs

A number of special commands exist which do not relate
directly to performable actions. These are:

LOAD/SAVE - Loads or saves the current
game position. This may be
done at any time. A file
requester will appear with
the default filename,
Current.game already
selected. Click on a name
or enter a new one, then
click OK.

AGAIN - Performs the last action
again. Your default
character is the only
person who can do this.

TIME - Displays the Adventure
Standard Time.

STRENGTH/ENERGY - Reports on your current
physical health.

QUIT - Quits the current game.
Also option to quit the

AUTHOR - Displays the author's name
and contact address.

SCRIPT - Turns on printer output.
Anything normally printed onto
the screen is now also sent to

UNSCRIPT - Turns off printer output.

SHOP - Calls up the Adventure
Supplies store. Details of
this facility are available
elsewhere in this file.

2.2.1 Characters

The world in which Box is set is inhabited by a large number
of characters, each free to roam around and interact with their
environment. You control one of these characters. What this means is
that you are treated in exactly the same way as everybody else,
obeying the same physical laws and being just as vulnerable. It
follows from this that each character is capable of performing the
same wide range of actions as you are.
Some characters are much stronger than you, while others may
be weaker. This means that the help of other stronger characters may
be useful for lifting heavy objects or other activities which require
large amounts of strength. Particular characters may be able to help
you in other ways, but only if you keep on their good side. It should
also be remembered that each character has opinions about every other
character which he/she/it has come into contact with, so approaching
certain characters through other people is often helpful.
Because of the complex character control system used by Box,
talking to other characters is quite easy. If you wish to give another
character an instruction, simply enter the character's name followed
by a comma, then the command. For example, if we wanted to tell
somebody called Bob to take the hammer and go north, just type:

Bob, take the hammer and go north

It's that simple. Any sentence which can be recognised by the main
parser (see 2.2.0) can be understood by a character, with words such
as 'your' being translated in the process. The only two things
that should be remembered when communicating with characters are:

1) If a character does not understand your instruction, or is unable
to comply, that character will give you no response.

2) It is entirely up to a particular character whether or not they are
going to do what you have asked. Their decision is based on how much
they like you and whether they have a personal reason for not doing
what you have said. For instance, it is no good trying to ask a mother
to attack her own children; she just isn't going to do it.

Another method of communicating with other characters is by asking
them simple questions, which usually take the form, ASK name ABOUT THE
subject. For example, ASK THE GIRL ABOUT THE HORSE-SHOE. If a
character has some special information about what you are asking they
will tell you, and if they don't then they will say so. Rules of being a character

Each character in the game, including yourself has to work
in accordance with the following physical laws:

1. Every character has its own level of strength which varies
throughout the game. Activities which drain strength include fighting
and walking with heavy objects. Once a character has exhausted its
strength, it dies. Ways of replenishing strength include eating,
drinking and sleeping. Sleeping must be done once every day, or
dying of exhaustion is likely. When a character (including yourself)
sleeps, all of the other characters are still going about their
business, so it is wise to find a safe place to sleep. Time spent
sleeping varies depending on how tired a particular character is, and
what the time actually is (each character has a body-clock). Also,
when you sleep, beware of dreams!

2. The objects which a character manipulates can take a variety of
forms, including pervious and impervious containers, edible
foodstuffs, liquids and items of clothing. Each object has its own
endurance strength, and will break under suitable strain. Some objects
can be used effectively as weapons, increasing a character's chances
in a combat situation. Some objects may be contained inside other
objects, which in turn may have to be unlocked or opened to get
inside. Each object has its own size, so many small objects can be
stored inside a large box, while only one or two objects of a
greater size will fit. Some objects such as ropes may be tied to other

3. Fighting occurs when two characters who less than like each
other meet or have a disagreement. When one character hits another,
the other is most likely to respond. Attacks can be made either with
bare hands or with a weapon. Most characters will automatically use
the most effective weapon that they are carrying. Fighting drains the
strength of characters depending on the fitness of the attacker and
the effectiveness of the weapon. Note that characters other than
yourself may get into fights while not in your presence, so do not be
surprised to find dead bodies lying around on your travels.

2.3 The shop

By entering the command SHOP at any time during play, time is
frozen and you are given access to the Adventure Standard Supplies
Store, which sells food, weaponry and a variety of other goods. To
make an order, simply follow the on-screen instructions, specifying
which items you wish to purchase, and finally entering your name and
the address to which you would like the goods delivered. A file will
then be output onto a blank disk (which you just happen to have
handy). This disk can then be mailed to the author's address (given in
the program by typing AUTHOR) along with the appropriate payment. The
game position stored on the disk will then be updated and promptly
returned with the requested objects in your inventory.

[A note from the author:

This ordering system is my alternative to Shareware. Instead
of asking you to just send me some money, I felt that doing so should
benefit your enjoyment of the game. The first item on the order list
is always an application for Citizenship to the world of Box, and is
always free. If nothing else, I would ask that you order this and send
it to me (along with return postage if nothing else is ordered), as it
amounts to registration of the program. Returned on the disk will be
the latest version of Box, and a few other bits and bobs. It also lets
me know how well people are doing in the game. ]

Prices in the shop are quoted in the currency units &. One & is
currently equal to:

One British Pound
One and a half US dollars
One blank new DSDD disk

Payments are acceptable (and appreciated) in any of the forms quoted
above. If you have any comments or have encountered some annoying
bugs, then I would like to here them. During any order or registration
I am happy to give any help that is required. Just slip a note in with
the disk and I will sort out your problem.

2.4 Cheating

I said this with Life After Death, and I'll say it again.
Cheating this game will not be terribly tricky, but won't be terribly
rewarding either. The game is supposed to provide enjoyment, and I
believe that it can only really do that if it is played properly.
If you do get stuck then ask me for some help.

2.5 Bugs

With a game of the size and complexity of Box it is inevitable
that a few bugs creep in. Extensive playtesting has uncovered and
ironed-out most, but if you really get stuck into the game then one or
two may well surface. If these bugs get in the way of your enjoyment
of the game then send me the disk and a description of the problem,
and I will sort it out and return the game to you. If you have not
registered then please include return postage.
Also, if anybody out there uses an NTSC monitor with this game
then please state this on registering and I will return you a version
of suitable screen size.

2.6 Copyright/Distribution Notice

Box is freely distributable provided that it is kept intact
with all of its files, and is not modified in any way. It is still the
copyright of the author James Lean.

2.7 512K Amigas

If your Amiga has only 512K of memory then you may have
trouble fitting box in. A simple solution is to take a Box bootable
disk (this one should be), and replace its startup-sequence with
simply the command Box . This can be done by entering the Shell and
typing ECHO >BOX:S/STARTUP-SEQUENCE "BOX". When booting Box make
sure that all extra disk-drives or hard-drives are turned off or
disconnected as these eat up valuable bytes. This method works
sometimes, but it must be remembered that Box is really meant for
Amigas with 1MB or more of memory.

2.8 Have fun

Lastly, I hope that you enjoy playing Box, as that is the only
reason why I bothered to make it. I hope that it does not run too
slowly on a 7 mhz machine, but the character control requires so much
thinking time that it is unavoidable.
If you enjoy playing it, then please become a Box Citizen. It costs
you nothing (except postage), and lets me know that there are people
out there who are benefiting from my work.
If you have any problems or comments then write to me:
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Hmmm, if I understand correctly 2.3 (I should re-read later with a clear mind), then I hope the game was not too successful because it would have involved a lot of extra work each time someone wanted to purchase something.
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Good Artillery game, my favourite one.
Except for Artillerus 2 (which has a 3 round limit in the free version,and the full version is missing. lost forever ? )
Micheal Boeh Interview

maybe someone could hack it to remove the 3 round limit ?

So Artillerus has more rounds and 4 players but Artillerus 2 has more weapons and 8 players.

Available on Assassins Games Disk 082

Year of the first release : 1993
Number of disks (or CD) : 1
Number max of players : 4
Simultaneous max players : 4
Language : English
Hardware : OCS-ECS
Amiga original game : yes
HD install : Copy Artillerus folder to HD. Copy the Font 2001 to Fonts:
License : Shareware
Category : Artillery
Artist - coder : Michael Boeh
Artist - graphician : Ed Erst
Notes : Coded in Blitz Basic 2
from Artillerus.doc

Copyright 1993 Michael Boeh


Artillerus is SHAREWARE. I you like it, send me $7.00 (U.S.
Dollars or similar foreign currency) and you will be on my mailing list
to receive the enhanced version. When I finish it, it should blow this
one away.

Send it to: Michael W Boeh

I spent a lot of time and money creating Artillerus; some kind of reward
would be nice. Besides 7 dollars isn't that much anyway.

Artillerus may be included on any disk collection as long as the
media fee is reasonable and all the files are included and unaltered.


You need these libraries in the LIBS directory:
In the fonts directory, you need:
2001.font (a file)
2001 (a directory)
Artillerus will NOT run without them!!!!

To install Artillerus, just copy all the files to a directory and the 2001
font to the fonts directory. Also make sure the above libraries are already
in your libs directory (if not, put them there). Then, just click the icon.

* To quit the game, just hit the esc key while a bullet is in the air.
* Artillerus is flaky under wb 1.3 or lower, I'm working on it, so try to
bear with it.


Artillerus is based on the old concept of the angle and power
artillery games. The object is simple: blow the other players up before
they do you. A variety of weapons and defenses are available to help you
with this task.


The opening screen has several gadgets. The four on top are to set
each player (1-4) to either be a human, computer player, or not active at
all. There are three different kinds of computer players:

Randobot - Completely shoots at random, not very effective.

Thinkbot - Fairly accurate, a decent competitor.

Cyberbot - Deadly accurate, tough to beat.

Also, the number of rounds is selected on this screen.


This screen is where the human players buy their equipment and
select an initial defense. The weapons are as follows:

Mortar - Just a regular explosion, nothing great, but cheap!

Bomb - Similar to moratr, but slightly more powerful and expensive

Snowcid - When you shoot this weapon, it flies through the air and hits the
ground as normal. But when it hits the ground, it unleashes a
shower of acid from above.

Crkjax - Has several small explosions when it hits.

Smnuke - Creates a very large (and effective) explosion.

Nuke - Awesome. Massive explosion; if it hits you, you die.

Echobst - Uses sound waves to damage robots.

Laser - Shoots a powerful laser beam from above.

Lasers - Like laser, but with three beams.

Pogo - One of the most effective weapons, blows up four times.

Missile - When you shoot this one, it seems normal enough. But when it is
above a target while on its way down, it stops and goes straight
down onto the robot.

Latman - Very wide explosion.

Roller - When it hits the ground, it rolls downhill until it hits something
(a hill or a robot).

Mole - Bores into the ground until it hits a robot or the bottom.

Dozer - Clears out space if you are burried.

Smwall - Generates a small wall of dirt where it lands.

Bgwall - Generates a large wall of dirt where it lands.

Drtball - Makes a big ball of dirt where it hits.

Sabo - Takes away an enemy's weapon at random (if it hits).


Invert - Bounces the enemy's weapons back from the way they came.

Absorb - Simply absorbs the blow.

Shield - Lessens the damage of the opposition's strike

Jammer - Jams the homing signal of missiles.

Fuel - Allows you to move the robot over flat land or downhill
(not uphill). Also, you can only move when you have no defense


Starting from the left and moving to the right:

[P] [DEF][D][QD] [WEP] [DAM] [FIRE] [][POW][] [WND] [FUEL] [L][R] [][ANG][]

P - The player number

DEF - The current defense

D - Deploys the current defense

QD - What percent of the defense is gone

WEP - The current weapon and its quantity

DAM - How much of your robot is destroyed

FIRE - Shoots the current weapon

POW - Adjust the power of the blast

WND - Displays the direction and speed of the wind

FUEL - How much gas is left

L & R - Moves the robot left or right

ANG - Adjusts the angle of the barrel of the robot


Each round is played until only one robot is left. The winner earns 10000
credits, second place gets 5000, third gets 2500, and fourth gets 0. Also,
any money that is left in the bank during rounds earns interest, so conserve!

The Future:

I am currently working on an enhanced version of the game. It will
have more weapons, and lots of nifty bells and whistles. It WILL NOT
be a general release, only to people who send me the donation, it will be
worth it, so send it in.

The Author:

I am a senior at Northern Illinois University, anyone want to hire
me!?!?!?! I enjoy sports, poker, and programming. This is my first
real programming effort on the Amiga.

There are many people that helped me make this game. First and
foremost, Ed Erst; without his graphics, this game would have been terrible
if it wasn't for his art. For their suggestions and bug reports, thanks to
the Chumly and Ring families, Brian Vargyas, Dave Larsen, Will Beethe,
Tom Kirstein, and Michaelene Werner.
This game was written in Blitz2 from Acid Software. I have used just
about every language and the like on the Amiga, and this, in my opinion, is
the best. Program?? Go buy it!
That's about it! I can be reached on the Amiga Network BBS
(708) 983-6435
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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
Hmmm, if I understand correctly 2.3 (I should re-read later with a clear mind), then I hope the game was not too successful because it would have involved a lot of extra work each time someone wanted to purchase something.
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Good columns type Graphics are a bit Garish.

PD Tosec
Klacktris (19xx)(Hosier, Tony)(PD).7z [b] (Spelling is wrong)
Klaktris (19xx)(Hatstand Productions).7z

Year of the first release : 19xx
Number of disks (or CD) : 1
Number max of players : 1
Simultaneous max players : 1
Language : English
Hardware : OCS-ECS
Amiga original game : yes
HD install : ?
License : shareware
Category : columns
Artist - coder : Tony Hosier
from KlakTris.doc on disk
This game is SHAREWARE.If you get hooked by it,see the shareware notes below.
If you don't like the game,then don't bother.
Files in this release are:-

KlakTris.doc - this file
KlakTris - the game itself
Klaktris.Scores - the high score tables
Afew Important Notes

This game runs on PAL Amigas only.If there is demand for an NTSC
version,then I'll do one if I get time.

This game was written in 100% assembler,making extensive use of the
blitter for nearly all of the graphics routines,and as such,runs at 50 frames
per second (mega-smooth scrolling etc.)

All timing loops use the video blank,so there should be no problems
with faster processor cards,and all OS calls are legal (no nasty ROM jumps)
so will work on 1.2 (although it hasn't been tested on it),1.3 and 2.0
versions of Workbench.It does not use any external files like libraries
or device drivers etc,and so will work when booted from any floppy.It will
also work on 512K machines,provided the music data file selected is small
enough to fit into memory.512K users are probably best off running this
program from this disk rather than from the workbench,as more memory will
be available.

Alot of amiga users now have hard disks.Even more so now with the
release of the A600,so this game can be installed and run from hard disk.

Since I'm not a very good musician and the fact that most game tunes
can get abit monotonous after a while,this program allows you to select which
tune you want it to play each time you start the game.It should play any
soundtracker or noisetracker MODULES and some protracker MODULES,as long as
you steer clear of some of the extended $e commands (users of protracker will
(should) know what I mean).Also,Channel 0 is also used for the sound effects,
so bare this in mind when writing tunes.Even if you don't want to write your
own tunes,A number of tunes have been put on this disk,most of which are
already on the public domain,but even if you get bored with these,there are
numerous other soundtracker/noisetracker PD modules about.Ask your local PD
library for details.

This game will run from this disk automatically after you have read
these instructions,but if you wish to install it to hard disk and run it from
there or you wish to change the default tune,then you need to run the game
from the CLI or shell,by typing:

KlakTris <music filename>

As an example of this,the command which runs the game is of the form

Klaktris df0:modules/mod.tune1

Where mod.tune1 is the tune in the modules directory on df0:.Don't forget to
specify the path if your own modules are on different disks,ie if you are
running from hard disk and the module you wanted was called mod.newtune on
the floppy disk in drive df1:,you would type:

Klaktris df1:mod.newtune

The program will inform you of any error you may make.If you get an
out of memory error,the music module which you selected was probably too
long to fit into memory.In this case,try a shorter tune

The program also loads the high score tables from disk aswell.If the
High score file is not on the disk,then the high scores will be reset to
their default values.At the end of the game,the high scores are saved back to
disk,so make sure the disk is write enabled.If it isn't,a file requester will
inform you.Click on cancel if you don't want to save the scores to disk.

This game is freely distributable by any means (ie.post,BBS,PD libraries etc)
as long as the following points are adhered to:

(1) All of the files must be included in their original form without
additions,deletions or modifications of any kind

(2) None of the files may be sold commercially for any reason

(3) None of the files may appear on any electronic service or
otherwise,that claims copyright to uploaded programs.

(4) None of the files may appear on any magazine disk or similar
for mass distribution without prior consent from me

Disclaimer: (just to keep the lawyers at bay !!)

You use this program entirely at your own risk.I accept no
responsibility for any damage done to software or hardware during its use

Note to distributors (PD libraries etc)

The files on this disk are not compressed.Feel free to compress them
but if you do,make sure that all decompression tools are provided with the
release.i.e include ppmore or muchmore_pp,preferably both,if you crunch the
text files with Powerpacker.

You can distribute these files however you like,whether they go onto
a game compilation disk or whatever,so long as all files in this release are
kept together and they aren't modified in any way.

The music data files are not part of this release,and so do not have
to appear on compilation disks,but at least one tune should be present,as the
game will not run.This music data should be kept uncompressed

This is a game based on a combination of Klax and Tetris.

Columns of three randomly coloured tiles will fall from the top of
the screen.The aim is to eliminate as many tiles as possible,and stop them
reaching the top row.This can be done by changing the column position and
rotating the tiles,so that you create rows,columns and diagonals of three
or more tiles of the same colour.When this happens,these tiles vanish,and
the tiles above fall down,filling the gaps that they occupied.

Using a joystick,you can move the falling columns to the left and
right.You also have a degree of control over the speed at which the tiles
fall.If you pull the joystick down,the tiles will descend at a faster rate
which is useful if you've positioned the tiles at the top of the screen and
don't want to wait until they reach the bottom.The fire button is used to
make the tiles in the column swap places with each other,ie the top tile
becomes the middle tile,the middle tile becomes the bottom tile & the bottom
tile becomes the top one.

When the tiles disappear,The bricks counter will go up,depending on
how many tiles were removed,and you'll also be awarded afew points,depending
on which tiles were removed.Columns are the easiest to make,and therefore
give you the least points.Rows are abit harder,and diagonals are the most
difficult and as such give you the highest score.You'll also get points based
on the number of tiles you remove.Three in a line is the easiest to make,and
the maximum of five will give you the most points.The scores awarded are
summarised in the table below:

| | 3 in a line | 4 in a line | 5 in a line |
| Column | 50 points | 100 points | 200 points |
| Row | 100 points | 200 points | 400 points |
| Diagonal | 200 points | 400 points | 800 points |

So,if you get 4 diagonal tiles,then you will be awarded with 400 points

As with all these types of game,the level of difficulty is always
increasing,so it's best to get as many points out of each tile as you
possibly can,to try and make it to the high score table.

You can exit the game at any stage by pressing the left mouse button.
This will return you back to AmigaDOS,after saving the new high score tables
to disk.

You can select the game level on the title page.Move the joystick up
and down to move the level select cursor.Press fire when you have selected
the level you wish to play

Have Fun !!!!!!

Shareware: Who?,What?,How?,Why?,Where?,When?

As mentioned above,this game is shareware.If you like it,you are
encouraged to send me a donation.This only covers the time it took me to
write the game;the actual software itself is free.If I get a good response
from this,there maybe other games on the way.Any comments on this game are
welcome,as are ideas for games which you'd like to see on PD which aren't
currently available.

I was originally going to release a cut down version of this game
onto the public domain and make this version available to people who
registered,but having two copies of the game around is too much hard work
& I'd never get it finished,so this is the full game.If you do like it and
don't decide to cough up,then that's up to you and your concience,but people
who do become registered users will get a copy of my next game (if I do one),
and advice on how to play this game,or the Amiga.For instance,the source code
for this game is available,along with some other smallish pieces of demo code
for budding assembler programmers.Please state when you register if you need
this stuff.If you do,your minimum donation should be £5:00 to cover disk
costs (2 or 3 of them) and first class post and my time.

The address to send stuff to is:
Tony Hosier,
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Good game. Like chips challenge done in Amos Pro.
Diamond Challenge (1999)(Kargl, Christian)(PD).7z

Diamond Challenge
Year of the first release : 1999
Number of disks (or CD) : 1
Number max of players : 1
Simultaneous max players : 1
Language : English
Hardware : OCS-ECS
Amiga original game : yes
HD install : Copy files to HD
License : PD Freeware
Category : puzzle
Artist - coder : Christian Kargl
Artist - graphician : Christian Kargl
Notes : Coded in AMOS PRO

from DC_Manual.Guide on disk

I don't think you are reading this before starting the game, right ?
Fine. And why do you read this after playing the game ? Some hints ?
Some cheats ? No !!! That's just a short introduction. After a nice
animation the following main menu comes up:

Load new levels
Mix levels: Off
View hiscore table
Quit game to DOS

That's all. Now have fun with it and contact me if you found some tricky
bugs or real stupid errors. I'm still human and can't check out every
possible situation. Thanx. By the way: This is version 0.9, so there may
some error left in the game you are about to find out. Thanx again.

Press fire here to quit back to Workbench (AmigaDOS), if you have enough
of it. (I don't hope so!)

Here you can see the actual hiscore for the currently loaded levels.
Press fire to quit back to main menu or wait 5 seconds.

This option makes the game more exciting. The 'Mixed Off' mode is the
normal playing mode (from level 1 to 50), but in 'Mixed On' mode all
levels are mixed, so you may solve all levels in this direction:
6, 14, 38, 1, 44, 42, 17, 30, 7, 26, 22, 50, 3, ...

This also works with your created levels. So you never know which level
comes next. If you solve all 50 levels this way you get a great bonus
of... guess? ... No. More: 200000 points !!! You want more ? Why ?

Here you can load your created levels A file-requester appears and
asks you to select a level-file. If it has to correct format, it will
be loaded into memory (with the hiscore) and you can play it.

Otherwise you play the last loaded levels, these are the default levels
at the beginning of the game.

Here you tart to play. At the bottom the score board appears:

| S C O R E 00000000 | K E Y S |
| D I A M O N D S 000 | T I M E 000 | TOOLS | LIVES |

Now more details:

SCORE: Shows your actual amount of points

DIAMONDS: Holds the left amount of diamonds you still have to collect
or a 'b' appears to tell you the amount of collected bonus diamonds.

TIME: Displays your left time to solve the level in seconds.

KEYS: Shows how much red, yellow, green and blue keys you have left to
open red, yellow, green and blue doors.

TOOLS: displays your selected tools to use with the fire button.
There are four possible tools: fire bullet, picks, bombs and maps.
Use the Space-Bar to change your active tool.

LIVES: displays your left lives. If this number has reached zero, the
next failure will quit the game. The following things can kill you:

*) out of time
*) hit explosion of a bomb
*) moving on empty field without activated pick
*) collision with baddies

Now the game area above shows you which level comes next. Press fire to
enter it. A limited display area appears and shows only some surrounding
fields. Use the joystick to move through the different fields
Your aim is to collect all required diamonds which will appear the exit.
Sometimes you can collect more diamonds. Then a 'B' will be added and
shows the amount of collected bonus diamonds.
From level 7 on (in 'Mix Off' mode) baddies appear and makes all levels
more tricky or even harder! There are three types:

*) Hat: Fast baddy. Don't get too close. Moves randomly.

*) Ghost: Slow baddy. Follows the player. So shoot them very soon.

*) Flame: Slow baddy. You need many shoots to kill. Moves randomly.

You may need the keyboard near the joystick. There are some keys you
need during the game:

*) P ....... pause game
*) ESC ..... quit game to main menu
*) DEL ..... give up and restart level
*) Space ... change active tool; there are four possible settings:

- Shoot bullet: Press fire to shoot at the baddies. Only one
bullet is allowed, so be careful. You can't shoot walls, doors,
icy curves or baddy homes.

- Use a pick: Hold fire button while moving to use a pick and
walk over empty fields.

- Set bomb: Press fire to set a bomb and explode the 3 by 3 fields
around it. You have 5 seconds to leave this area.

- Use a map: draws a small map of the level. Your position will be
displayed as red-yellow flashing colour and all existing baddies
are displayed as green flashing colour. You have 10 seconds left
to get 100 extra points. After that every 2 seconds this extra
points will be reduced by 5. So after another 40 seconds you get
no extra points. And after that your score will be decreased !!!

At the end of each level left tools and time will count as bonus score.
You get extra points for everything except maps. You keep them through
the whole game. A final report shows you how much bonus points you got.
Press fire to go on to the next level.
That's all. At the end for the game you can enter your name, if you've
reached a new hiscore. Each level set has its own hiscore list. It will
be loaded when you load new levels and saved at once.

NOTE: Disable the 'write protection' when playing from floppy.
Otherwise the game won't save new hiscores!

Here is only a short list of all field, sorted by the editor.

type | describtion
wall | you can't go through it or shoot it
doors | you need a same cololured key to open a door
icy curves | changes your sliding direction
ice field | you will slide into the direction you move on them
| until you reach a non ice field or will be stopped
| by a wall, an icy curve or the edge of the level
transporter | press fire to be tranported from one point of the
| map to another transporter
normal | here you can move anywhere you like
keys | collect them to open doors
pick | with it you can change an empty field to a normal
| field and walk over it
bomb | collect a bomb to blow up a 3 by 3 field around the
| bomb; you have 5 seconds to leave the explosion area
| else you will be killed; you can blow up anything
| you like including diamonds, except baddy homes.
map | get a new map (figure the colour out)
diamonds | you must collect them to make the exit appear
change to empty | these fields changes to an empty field when you move
| on it; there are three stages
empty field | you need a pick to walk over it, else you get killed
| (somethimes baddies can change it to normal field)

Here is a list of all points you can get during the game:

*) Collecting keys, picks, bombs or maps ........... 10
*) Collecting diamonds ............................. 50
*) Use a key to open a door ........................ 25
*) Use a pick ...................................... 20
*) Use a bomb ...................................... 25
*) Use a map ....................................... 100 ?
*) shoot baddies ................................... 100
*) each left second ................................ 20
*) each left key, pick or bomb ..................... 50
*) each bonus diamond .............................. 250

And if you've solved all levels:

*) final bonus ....................... 10% of your score
*) each left map ................................. 1000
*) each left live ................................ 5000

Ok, now you can count all points on your own, if you think the game
counts wrong. 8-))

YES ! You can create your own level sets. But you need my editor.
If you want to get the editor please read the section how you can
register for it. Thank you.

I don't know exactly what are the minimum requirements, but if your
amiga satisfies the following options the game should work fine:

*) Processor: 68030/25Mhz - I don't know about lower types. Try it.
*) Mem: 1 MB chip, 512K fast. Better is 1 MB fast.
*) Workbench/Kickstart: 3.0 - But I think 1.3 should be enough.

If the games doesn't work at all, please send me an e-mail that I can
update the requirements to save others lots of work. Thanx.

I'm not familiar with copyright laws in the US, or anywhere. I hope it's
not really a problem. But what I'm worried about. The game is freeware.


I think that's it. Play the game or not. Don't blame me if something
goes wrong. Did you read the requirements ?

Hard disc:
Only copy all files into your desired drawer.

Floppy disc:

First copy all files in the root directory of a bootable disc and
just create "s/startup-sequence" as:


If you wish to start the game from WB add "c/endcli", "c/loadwb"
and create "s/startup-sequence" as:


That's it. Contanct me if you have problems.

Hmmm, I don't know what to say about that. I could explain how the levels
are saved to disc and you could create your own editor to do the job.

Not very realistic, isn't it ? You can use my editor if you want to.
But the editor is shareware. The game is freeware. WHAT'S THAT ???

No, joke. Some people only want to play, and some artists also create new
levels. So why should the players pay something, if there exists many
other platform collecting games ?

Sure, I could say the editor is giftware, but if you are realistic: who
would send me some presents for this game ? You can decide now:

*) Try another platform game with a free editor included


*) Support me, support the AMIGA, and register for the editor

There is no limit in playing the game. You can also use other level sets
from your friends, Aminet,... But you can't create new levels. You can
"buy" the editor from me for a small amount of cash.

So if you want to register your copy do the following:

1.) Write down your name, COMPLETE address, e-mail. Or use my form
(add the configuation of your AMIGA if you want)

2.) Put it together with 100 ATS, 15 DM, 10 US-dollar (or 10 EURO) into
an empty envelope.

3.) Send it to me (click here for my address)
Add an empty disc and a reply-paid envelope, if you have no e-mail
address. So that I only have to copy the editor and return it to you
as fast as possible.

When I get your money, I will do the following:

4.) Send you the editor via e-mail (uuencoded) or copy the editor on
your disc and return it to you by mail.

5.) I'm very happy that you support me. The editor is shareware and I
beg you not to copy it to your friends.
If I do a re-upload to AmiNet, I will inform you only via e-mail.

6.) Finally I hope you enjoy my game and look foreward for more on
AmiNet. Or contact me via e-mail.

Any questions ? Then contact me

NOTE: If you want to get the editor via e-mail, be sure that you are
able to recieve large attachments. (~130K binary, as LHA ~68K and
finally uu-encoded only ~95K !!??)
Else you may add an empty disc as described in part 3) and I will
copy the binary data on it.

At first, I had to excuse my poor english. It's not my native language.

Here's my address if you want to tell me that you only play my game, want
to register for the editor or have found some really tricky errors:
There is no telephone number if you search for it, because I never know
when I'm at home. And I don't want you to pay lots of money for nothing.

Are there any music composers out there ?
I want to add some addictive tunes to the title and playing screen.
Anybody contact me via e-mail if you have/know some music.

History: 2. 9.99: - finished V0.9; testing for release to AmiNet
4.11.99: - finally first release to AmiNet

Bugs: *) If the display flickers stop other programms. If that doesn't
~~~~~ help, start the game from floppy. If that doesn't help either,
sent me an e-mail with your system configuration. Your amiga
seems to be too slow, sorry. :-(

*) If you load the game directly from floppy and the AmigaDOS
window never appear, the mouse pointer will not appear if you
want to load new levels. The system didn't initialize the mouse
image, or something like this. So the game has no mouse to use.
Insert something like "cls" or "echo Loading..." in the top of
the startup-sequence to make the AmigaDOS window and the mouse
pointer appear. This never happens if you load the game from WB.

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Regarding Diamond Challenge, I am pretty sure he redrew them (at least I cannot think of a conversion with such graphics) but the characters sprites are obviously inspired by Skweek:

Also, I don't know about the shareware status. From what I understand from the description the game itself is freeware and only the editor is shareware.
Not sure what should be decided.
Perhaps Cody or Dr. Bong could give us directions.
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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
Regarding Diamond Challenge, I am pretty sure he redrew them (at least I cannot think of a conversion with such graphics) but the characters sprites are obviously inspired by Skweek:

Also, I don't know about the shareware status. From what I understand from the description the game itself is freeware and only the editor is shareware.
Not sure what should be decided.
Perhaps Cody or Dr. Bong could give us directions.
you're right about freeware. I'll change it.

btw feel free to edit or change my entries, I don't mind. better to have more and right information.
I never really know what info to put in the notes box.

and I've put up most of the good ones I remember from the past.
I have a few more, but I check s2325's contributions and get reminded of a few or see something interesting and if it plays good then I'll do the screens and info.

I know there are lots of hidden gems out there waiting to be found.
also it would be good to get the title picture for jonas fulstrand game above, but I can't get it to display I am going to upload a temporary dbs until the pic can be got if it can be. although no one will ever see it only in hol.

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