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Old 04 November 2011, 01:20   #101
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*cough* Any1 pls post a link to any amiga site offering These errr...Eye candy disks?
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Try ...

Sexy 2 (19xx)(DoubleByte Software)[cr Black Aces][b2](Disk 1 of 3)
Sexy 2 (19xx)(DoubleByte Software)[cr Black Aces][b2](Disk 2 of 3)
Sexy 2 (19xx)(DoubleByte Software)[cr Black Aces][b2](Disk 3 of 3)
Sexy 2 (19xx)(DoubleByte Software)[cr Black Aces][b](Disk 1 of 3)
Sexy 2 (19xx)(DoubleByte Software)[cr Black Aces][b](Disk 2 of 3)
Sexy 2 (19xx)(DoubleByte Software)[cr Black Aces][b](Disk 3 of 3)

from ...


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Old 04 November 2011, 16:27   #103
Da Digger :)

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Originally Posted by Fred the Fop View Post
Dizzy game series is a well known metaphor for gay danish people.
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Old 04 November 2011, 19:54   #104
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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
Ha ha, of course not
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Old 13 December 2011, 20:46   #105
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Nuddies Memory:

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Old 30 December 2011, 19:42   #106
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demo Animated Fun by Offworld: [ Show youtube player ]
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Old 23 January 2012, 23:48   #107
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Pussy Quest 1 (Text adventure with music.):

Puzzle (Made in Poland, nice music.):

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Old 25 January 2012, 09:23   #108
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LOL I remember STAGs and Cover Girl Strip Poker being an equivalent of RedTube in the 93 or so.
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Old 27 January 2012, 21:47   #109
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Have anyone a pornogame compilation for cd32 ??? im interesting about it
Old 01 February 2012, 23:28   #110
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Was this game "Sex Machine" already mentioned? i believe it was made by a dutch guy.

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Old 09 February 2012, 16:41   #111
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In case it hasn't been mentioned yet:

"Bomb-X" (also goes by other titles I think), that Dynablaster clone where you control a dick and hop around on your balls ( ) shooting white... stuff... at chattering teeth and other creatures, trying to find a condom so you could get into bed with a lady who spread her legs when you killed enough monsters.

And yes, I think it was a french game.



No comment...

We used to hide the disk on a shelf lest our parents find out about it's existence
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Old 09 February 2012, 18:57   #112
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A few years ago I was checking some files on one of the Aminet CD-ROMs, and one demo had a digitised video clip that would definitely be relevant to this thread.

I don't remember which CD or which file though. It might not have been immediately obvious right after starting the demo, you might have had to wait a bit. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?
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Old 21 February 2012, 16:54   #113
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Don't know if it's already mentioned, but my first tit on an amiga screen came from Emmanuelle
I was only a little kid and was pretty excited when I saw the blonde at the beach revealing one of her lungs. Gave the disk a special place in the box afterwards
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Old 21 February 2012, 17:22   #114
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I remember way back a cracked copy of Penguins I had, had a crudely digitised pair of jubilees in the cractro

C'mon, I was only about 12 at the time
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Old 18 April 2012, 23:15   #115
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Hi all

Any chance of getting all the posted titles back in The Zone!?

...It would be awesome
Old 19 April 2012, 16:14   #116
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Seconded on the awesomeness

Just found this video on youtube: [ Show youtube player ]

The download link no longer works?

So if somebody could zone them all or torrent them that would be great.

Also I found an old demo in my collection - NBS XXXX Naughty Demos. I cannot remember if I have already upped this to the zone in the past? There is a small problem with the disk, it was basically a collection of rude demos including flossie the sheep and then to fill the disk they slapped on a few porn piccys. One or two are corrupted afaik?
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Old 19 April 2012, 18:05   #117
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Afraid the closest I can get to that demo is this intro on bitfellas


Bitfellas state 'This file is obviously a part of a bigger project'. Looks like this demo is as rare as a rocking horse having a crap
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Old 23 April 2012, 20:54   #118
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No one who is able to re-up to the zone ?
Old 27 April 2012, 16:29   #119
Retro Nuts

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How about Hollywood Poker Pro...
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Old 04 May 2012, 00:43   #120
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Can anyone repost the site rip somewhere? A torrent perhaps... Or send it to me and I will make a torrent. Thank you!
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