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Games without WHDLoad Installer

Hello there! I am owner of many original games, but ca. 60 - 70 of them hasnt a whdload-installer, like these:

- Global Effect CD32
- Chambers of Shaolin CD32
- Lamborgini American Challenge CD32
- The Classic Lotus Trilogy CD32
- Prototype
- Wing Commander CD32
- Alien Breed Special Edition 1992 CD32
- Qwak CD32
- Ultimate X-Treme Racing CD
- Sixth Sense Investigations CD
- Nemac IV Directors Cut CD
- Grandslam Gamer Gold Collection (Nick Faldos Championship Golf, Bump N Burn & Jetstrike) CD32
- Zombie Massacre CD
- Ultimate Gloom CD
- Wendetta 2175 CD
- Rise of the Robots (Amiga 600)
- Gulp CD32
- Spherical Worlds CD
- Kargon
- Future Space
- Team Yankee
- Pacific Strike
- Mega Traveller 2 (german)
- A320 Airbus Edition Europe
- A320 Airbus Edition USA
- Humans 3 Evolution CD32
- Hexuma - Das Auge des Kal
- Die Kathedrale
- Das Stundenglas
- Soul Crystal
- Prey - An Alien Encounter CD32
- Trapped I CD
- Beavers CD32
- Seaside CD (german & english)
- Ultra Violent Worlds CD
- Die Stadt der Löwen (Disk & CDTV)
- Psycho Killer CDTV
- Indiana Jones 3 CDTV
- The Hound of the Baskervilles CDTV
- Turrican 1 CDTV
- Town with no name CDTV
- Flyin High CD
- Flyin High AGA Data Disks 1 & 2
- Big Red Adventure CD
- Jaktar - Der Elfenstein (Disk & CD)
- X-Treme Racing AGA
- Whales Voyage 1 (ECS & AGA) (both in german)
- Whales Voyage 2 (german)
- Liberation - Captive II (Disk & CD32)

And in the next few weeks i am owner of these originals:

- Approach Trainer
- A320 Airbus Teil 2
- Vision - The 5th Dimension Utopia (german)
- Elite I (german)
- Flies - Attack on Earth (german)
- Kargon CD

Which of you write an installer for one of these games. Please write me over eab.abime.net or MarkusSteffan1976@t-online.de (Sorry for my english!)
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If you have time please have a look in SPS-wanted page if you have any of wanted games for them, thanks
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R.I.P Smudge 18-08-16

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I think Rise of the Roberts has it's own installer.

There is a JOTD patch for the game here http://jffabre.free.fr/amiga/r.html
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And some of the CD games just need to copy on HD and perhaps an assign.
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Originally Posted by zipper View Post
And some of the CD games just need to copy on HD and perhaps an assign.
AFAIR I´ve had installed these to run HD-only:

- Big Red Adventure
- Fying High and Data Disks
- Nemac IV
- Trapped
- Zombie Massacre

... must have been easy (own installer or some ASSIGN)
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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
I think Rise of the Roberts has it's own installer.

There is a JOTD patch for the game here http://jffabre.free.fr/amiga/r.html
With Rise Of The Robots, you just need to hex edit the main executable and change all instantances of CD0 to ROR.
Then just assign the dir you have the cd files (i.e. sys:games/ROR)
Assign ROR: SYS:Games/ROR/

The the main executable will think its the CD. Not a great way to do it, but it works. Think I done the same with BASS CD32, years ago.

Subwar 2025 and Team Yankee are both DOS games, simple assigns can get them working.

There is another way to run all CD32 games from HDD, but it would involve the whole iso being on your HDD.
You can use the CD32DevKit app SimCD32. It lets you mount an iso and run commodores official dev CD32 emulator.
I had MicroCosm working this way on my A1200.
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I would be happy to see Kaiser as a WHDLoad Game.
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More games...

Hello and thank you for all you help! I dont have much time, because of work. and i drive everyday 3 - 4 hours to work and back to home... However....
@BAMIGA2002: I would do that (Wanted Games on the SPS-page)
@Arnie & FOL: Thanks for that link. Cause WHDLoad support only the AGA- and CD32-Version!
@zipper & mombasajoe: I know that, but i would dont have so many assigns at booting up, cause there are many scene-demos on my hd and needed an assign to run! ...
In the last weeks i am owner of games without whdload-installer like these: (worst english!

- Hoversprint
- Hellowoon
- Dream Zone
- Universe 3
- Reisende im Wind
- Reisende im Wind 2
- Chamonix Challenge
- Bubble Ghost
(The last 4 games are in the Super Quintet Pack with "Warlocks Quest").
and many other...
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retro maniac

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And you are planning to play all of them ? Seriously, you have the same free time as I probably you can spend 4 hour per day max.

Some of these game like Town with no Name are too big to be WHDLoad installable, some are exactly the same as disks version (Alien Breed Special Edition, Qwak, The Classic Lotus Trilogy, Chambers of Shaolin)
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