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Old 31 May 2001, 13:09   #21
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Cause I still need to make room at my desk for it. At the moment I'm working about 14 - 16 hours a day to meet our software deadline of the 1st of June. Which is tomorrow and no I'm not finished yet.

So when I come home I eat and sleep, no time for anything else.

I better get on with work.
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Old 31 May 2001, 19:04   #22
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Just hook it up to whatever and check the screen, it takes one minute

Anyway, what software are you working on?
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Old 31 May 2001, 23:44   #23
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it's alive! it's alive! Mwuahaha!

Okay I could not resist. I got Tims' disks today (many many thx!!!) and I shoved the papers and books aside and placed the A2000 on the desk for a first look.

It's a 1.3 machine, what I already expected. Workbench showed that it had 29xxxxxxx bytes or so available, so I take it this baby has a 2MB expension onboard? The mouse is a goner so I'll have to order a new one.

As soon as I get the A2091 I'll go for 3.1.

I was looking at the monitor cable.. just curious, is it possible to hook the A2000 up to a normal 17" monitor and/or a PC .. or do I need some sort of conversion hardware? (if so, what do I need?)

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I'm in no way a tech expert but here is what I tried..

Wanted to hook amiga up to PC monitor
found out I needed a thing called a gecko which I have 2 of now
Hooked it up.. scrambled screen..
Someone told me since the amiga display ran at a low hertz it was too low for any pc monitor blah blah blah.. tried it on an old EGA monitor and didnt work as well.. blah blah blah.. pissed me off to high hell.. what a waste of time.. I spent weeks trying to get it to work.. Bought an a1200 with a 1942 montior.. end of story..

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Old 01 June 2001, 14:35   #25
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I think you need something called a "scan doubler" to connect a PC monitor with an Amiga?

I'd definitely be interested in hooking my Amiga up with my TV, perhaps something with a monitor switch so I can switch between TV (for games) and 1084S monitor for Workbench stuff.

Are all C= 1084S monitors making such a peeping-sound (very high frequency) and run on such a low refreshrate or is mine just porked? It's working fine though and I remember this from my friends A500 as well.

Tim, Just a question.. when I try Yo Joe! it shows the intro loader and then I hit the firebutton and it stops loading. The driveled is on but it's not reading anything anymore. When I reset (Ctrl-A-A) after removing Yo Joe! Disk 1/2, I get a Guru error while 'booting' <there's nothing to boot from>.

I reset again and it's gone. The other games run just fine and most importantly Workbench 1.3 + Extra disk are working brilliantly.

Eventhough I don't have a my HD controller yet, I can already start transferring stuff from PC to Amiga, thanks to the 3MB! Internal RAM

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Ok, step by step, I take this

"29xxxxxxx bytes or so available" means you have around 3 megs. Perhaps 4, 3 is a strange number.

You do need a scan doubler to conenct yoru AMiag to a VGA monitor. However the picture will be neater on an RGB monitor like the 1080/81/84. The screen is tiny but of high quality. The best way to connect an Amiga to a VGA monitor is using an XRGB2 device, in such case you don't need the scandoubler and you have hardware-emulated scanlines Be ready to pay 250 dolars for the privilege though. A godsend, anyway, for anybody with RGB modified consoles. By the way, games will look much better on the 1084.

If your 1084 is emitting a squeal, it's porked indeedy. The low refresh rate is obviously intentional but you should not be noticing any sound. Amigas work at 50 or 60 Hz, sometimes you will be able to see scanlines, depends on how screwed up the monitor is. I have recently noticed my diskdrive is interferring with my monitor, I think I should change the fdd.

Yo! Joe might be crashing because of the extra memory. It is strange that the power led light does not flash, but sometimes this does happen, thus when you reset, the guru appears. yYu don't need to reset again, just press the mousebutton and it will continue booting. Try using a degrading utility to kill your extra RAM. I doubt the game needs an ECS chipset, if this is the case, you can't do anything.

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Old 02 June 2001, 13:03   #27
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I'm having problems transferring ADF's from PC to Amiga using WarTrans. WarTrans uses a simple AmigaBASIC client and a PC client. I've written the A-BASIC client and it's exactly like it says in the documents but......I can't get a connection! (yes the nullmodem cable is in the right ports etc etc).

Erhm can I still take you up on this offer for a comm-program?
Old 02 June 2001, 18:44   #28
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Our local amiga dealer (actually the only one in the whole country) claims that PC monitors can be connected directly to amiga with an adaptor and then any workbench compliant program and any workbench environment with default resolutions can be displayed without problems

scandoubler is said to be necessary for non default video modes such as the ones the non-dos games need.Anyway I haven't tested it myself.

I can still connect my amiga to my pc monitor via my tv card
Old 02 June 2001, 19:50   #29
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With ECS machuines and up, you surely can do this, on workbench, but you are forced to use the Productivity modes. The otehr Workbench screens use the same refresh rate as naany game screen.

You are losing a lot of quality doing that TV card thing, my friend It still is a lifesaver in case you need to look at both screens at once, I do it from time to time, but I rather have the clean image of my 1084.

Tazz, I have no clue about that Amigabasic tihng. I heard it's shite. Offer is still valid, send me a PM, okay?

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Old 03 June 2001, 11:40   #30
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Burseg, the way I remember it (from about 1995) was that the PC monitor needed to be able to sync to 15KHz in order to be used with the Amiga. Then, you will need a converter thingie in order to make the cables compatible. I am no expert in this area, and frankly know precious little about it. I would be delighted to learn I am wrong and can use my PC monitor and a switchbox so that I could get on with hooking up my Amiga and getting my damn files sent over.
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Old 05 June 2001, 08:33   #31
Tim Janssen
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Arrow About loading Yo! Yoe!


A couple of posts ago you wrote:
when I try Yo Joe! it shows the intro loader and then I hit the firebutton and it stops loading. The driveled is on but it's not reading anything anymore. When I reset (Ctrl-A-A) after removing Yo Joe! Disk 1/2, I get a Guru error while 'booting' <there's nothing to boot from>.
The Yo! Joe! discs you use work fine because I have completed the whole game with it.
When you insert the first disc, you get a cracktro. Hit the left mousebutton and the game will load. This will take some time and after a few minutes you will be presented the main title screen (the one with a big city and the moving 'graffity'-trains.)

Akira stated the amount of memory could be the cause of your problem. I do not know what the exact specs of your machine are, but my 1 Mb Amiga 500 has a switch-cable which is directly attached to the memory card. With this cable it is possible to switch between 1 Mb and 500 Kb. Maybe your A2000 has a similar cable?
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Old 05 June 2001, 11:41   #32
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Unlikely. My Amiga 2000 has a HUGE memory expension board which is plugged into one of the slots (Zorro II I asume?). No cable running to the board whatsoever.

The problem is that the diskdrive is absolutely silent, not making any reading noises. I'll try again.
Old 05 June 2001, 18:07   #33
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The drive is locked. This is a normal software failure (wait for disk activity to finish ). It will get stuck there and when you reset you will get a guru (of the 0003 type perhaps?).

I'd say you disable the expansion board and see what happens. But I don't think that board has a disable switch. You will have to try a degrader.

I received your message, I will reply as soon as I can.
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