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Some A-590 questions... (kick 2.0 ???, pass-thru-port ??, attach CF-card ?? )

Hi !

I have some questions about the A-590 hard disk drive. I have been using mine connected to an A-500 with kick 1.3.

Now some questions:

1) I am planning to check out some WHDload games As I have installed 2MB in the A-590 and can switch my A-500 to 1MB chipmemory, I don't think I would have a RAM problem.
BUT: WHDlod needs Kck 2.0 from what I know. And I remember there was a discussion that Kick 2.0 wouldn't do good to a A-590, although I cannot really believe this and have tried booting my A-590 with kick 2.0 without problems.

So, has anyone had a A-590 running with kick 2.0 for a longer time ? Also someone has experience with WHDload games on an A-500 with A-590 ?

2) Another problem I have is that I would like to use an Action Replay together with the A-590. Before the A-590 I had a Supradrive HD which has a pass-thru port for the Action Replay. HD controller and AR worked together without problems
Would this be possible for the A-590 as well if I built myself a junction board to connect the AR parallel to the A-590 ?

3) Is there any way to use a CF card on the A-500 ? I can use this with a PCMCIA adapter on the A-600 very well, but is there also an adaptor to connect it to the A-500's side-expansion bus where the A-590 connects ?
Or do XT-IDE or SCSI adapters exist so I can attach a CF card to the A-590 internal SCSI or XT-IDE port ?

Thanks a lot for any help !!
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1) I don´t have my A590 any more, but I used it a long time on my A500+ with Kick 2.0 without any problems

2) The problem is not the connection, you may use a risercard for the expansion port, BUT the AR got many problems with anything bigger than Kick 1.3

3) There are CF-IDE Adapter available for small money
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Old 28 May 2006, 23:47   #3
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Thanks Retroman !

Yes, I know about the AR problem with kick higher than 1.3, but that wouldn't be a problem since I have a kickswitcher with 1.3 and 2.0, so I could still use the AR with diskgames and 1.3
Anyway, I am not really 100% sure if the Supradrive & AR actually did work together ? Could also be possible it only worked when the HD was switched off ( it was external connected to the controller on the side-expansion port) ?!?

About the IDE-to-CF adapter:
Do these also work on the XT-IDE connector of the A-590 ?
And if they work, are there drivers available like for the 600's PCMCIA slot ?

Ofcourse I could use an A-600 instead of the A-500 ( with kickswitcher to 1.3 nearly everything works there as well) , but I would like to use the AR ( the freezer is just VERY comfortably )

As I don't think there are any hardware solutions to connect and AR to the A-600, nor any special AR A-600 versions, how about loading the AR software version with the A-600 ? Is that one for the 1200 only or would it work on the 600 as well ?

Thanks again !
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Old 29 May 2006, 11:04   #4
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I have some SCSI to IDE adapters here which fit inside the A590 and can be used with 2.5" drives or CF adapters.

Personally I think it takes away the usefulness of a CF adapter because to get your CF card out you have to keep taking it apart, or cut a slot in your A590
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You could always connect the IDE<->SCSI-adaptor externally via the 25-pin DSUB of the A590 and make a nice little box where you easily can swap the CF.
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And no, don't connect AT-IDE devices to the XT-IDE slot.
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