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Amiga 2000

Have started to bring an old Amiga 2000 back to life that has sat gathering dust for possibly the last 5 years.

After purchasing

Fusion Forty 68040

Have been having problems getting this to run from Harddrive.
Kickstart is version 37.175 Workbench 34.21

Have tried to boot (from floppy first)with workbench 3.0,2.05 with no success so have had to use workbench 1.3.

Which boots ok but problem I am having is If i try to open a Shell windows with the fast memory enabled machine errors and needs rebooting.If i disable the fast memory all is ok. But I would like to use the fast memory.

Workbench was installed as per ICD instructions

copy df0: dh0: all

which seems to of worked.

I then copied the 68040.library into the Libs folder.

Do I need to but any software on the machine to run with 20MB of fast memory under workbench 1.3 or does it sound like the memory might have problem.

The memory is in the Fusion forty board.

Any tips or advice please

Would of liked to use workbench 2.05 or 3 but machine just reboots could this also point to memory problem?
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The kickstart you have 37.175 is Kickstart 2.04.

Workbench 3.0 was for A1200's and A4000's only so you should leave it alone.

You couldnt get 2.05 to boot?

I think the best workbench you can use with your kickstart is Workbench 2.1

There are 5 disks Install, Workbench, Locale, Fonts, Extras. 2.1 includes Cross Dos (used for reading PC disks) which is of great use (although it doesnt support long filenames).

I note that the following website says "68040 compatible".

Rather than screw around with 1.3 I would recommend trying to get copies of Workbench 2.1 if you are net savvy you should be able to download them off the internet as ADF files although you might struggle to convert them back to real disks given your current setup.

You might want to consider buying a copy of KS3.1 and Workbench 3.1 (40.63) from someone like AmiKit?

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Booting from either Workbench 2.05 or Workbench 3.0 from floppy and the machine would just flash power light and reboot.With SCSI enabled for Harddrive.

If disable SCSI by holding left mouse button on Boot Workbench 2.05 boots from floppy ok.Is also more stable than OS 3.0 as an avail command does not produce a guru error and then results.You get the memory avail with no guru messag.So possibly need to look at the startup sequence to see what is different between the Workbench 1.3 startup and the Workbench 2.05 to see what is causing the SCSI problem.

Have manged to get Workbench 3.(Running but not 100% stable)

Copy DF0: DH0: all (Workbench 3 disk1)

Then replaced the s folder with the one off the Workbench 1.3 disks so machine would boot.No errors on booting now and also able to open a shell window with the fast ram enabled.This is not 100% stable but will do for now.So I can use it to look at the Workbench 2.05 startup files.

Have seen Workbench 2.1 for £15 but have also seen a Rom upgrade to version 3 going for £18 but dont want to pay out on either upgrade Rom or workbench to find will not support SCSI Card still. So think I will try to get Workbench 2.05 installed and working.

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The Fusion Forty Plug 'N Go ROMs might need to be replaced. What version are yours? I have the latest ROMs 3.4 avail if you are interested. You will need the old OS 2.x 680040.library too. The AdSCSI card might also not work with the Fusion. I got a GVP Series II with V4.15 ROM to work with mine!
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Fusion Forty

Have to admitt I first thought the Fusion forty and the ICDSCSI where possibly having problems.But found a review online where someone had a conflict with a scsi card and replaced it with the ICDSCSI.

Have got machine runnng more stable but have to boot from floppy.

1)boot machine with Workbench 2.05 floppy disk and mouse pressed to stop ICDSCSI auto-booting
2) once booted to workbench then need to assign C: df1:c and also assign devs: df1:devs (DF1 contains ICD floppy)
3) then type ICDmount
4)all drives mount
5)then assign c: dh0:c assign devs: dh0:devs etc
works ok then

Need look around startup area to find out what is causing problem.

But am getting there.

Next step after machine is booting from Harddrive.

is to get a SCSI CDrom drive up and running.

Thanks for any advice
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Amiga 2000

New installation

Removed Fusion Forty and formatted harddrive.

Booted with Workbench 3.1 Floppy.(DF0
Inserted ICD Advantage Disk in Df1:

assign devs: df1:devs
assign C: df1:

typed ICDmount

Harddrive partitions appear on desktop.

Assign C: df0:c
Assign Devs: Df0:devs

removed disk from DF1:
install Workbench 3.1 install disk and run install

installation completed with no errors re-boot machine and machine just re-boots with power light flashing and re-boots again.

Booted with workbench 3.1 disk and mounted again with ICD disk replaced startup-sequence and mountlist with workbench 1.3 startup-sequence and machine reboots with errors but now boots from harddrive.

How do I assign tools like multiview or iconx or if anyone has a working 3.1 startup-sequence for ICDSCSI please post it here so I can try it.

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